weed eataer won't star - how to fix

Weed Eater Won’t Start: Why And How To Fix

You’ve come to tidy your garden and get those pesky weeds and long grass trimmed and neat once again. But when you’ve taken your weed wacker out of the garage, you’ve found that it just isn’t starting up. Nobody wants to spend ages weed eater troubleshooting but there could be a number of things that […]

what kind of oil - weed eater

What Kind Of Oil Does A Weed Eater Use?

Weed eaters, weed wackers, trimmers; whatever you call them, are immensely useful garden tools that help you to cut through brush, weeds, and long grass. There are many electric weed eaters on the market but those that are powered by gas are typically much more efficient and able to deal with more challenging conditions. However, […]

Restring A Weed Eater

How To Restring A Weed Eater

Many people use a bump feed weed eater which is super convenient as all you need to do is bop the head of your string trimmer on the ground or a solid object and a few more inches of line will come though. This is great, but eventually, that line is going to run out […]

how long does it take to mow an acre

How Long Does It Take To Mow An Acre?

Mowing your lawn can be a daunting task if you have a bigger garden. This means figuring out just how long it’ll take to get the job done so that you can set aside enough time. But when it comes to acreage mowing, the timeframes can vary dramatically. It is possible to estimate the length […]

what side of the lawn mower blade is up

Which Side Of The Lawn Mower Blade Is Up?

If you own a lawn mower then you’ll know that, from time to time, you need to remove the blade to perform cleaning and maintenance. However, if you don’t put the blade back on properly and it’s in the wrong position then this will affect the performance of your mower. But how do you know […]

Striping Kit For Lawn Mower

Striping Kit For Lawn Mower: Is It Worth It?

There’s something about a striped lawn that says ‘well manicured and pristine’ about your garden. But for a lot of people, they think that achieving that bowling green finish is only the stuff of dreams when in reality, anyone can create a striped lawn. If you’re looking to boost the aesthetic of your lawn and […]

How Loud Is A Lawn Mower

How Loud Is A Lawn Mower?

Unless you’re using a reel lawn mower, your tool is going to kick out some noise. While this is something we’re probably all used to, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. When you’re mowing your lawn over the course of spring and summer, you’re constantly exposing yourself to lawn mower noise that could damage your […]