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Which Is Better: Battery Or Gas Edger?

battery edger vs gas edger pinAn edger tool is a handy addition to any garden and will provide a clean and manicured finish. But one of the most confusing things for homeowners is whether they should go for a battery-powered edger or a gas edger. Both have their pros and cons, but your needs will depend on which type of edger trimmer would work best for you.

If it wasn’t enough to try to understand the difference between a string trimmer vs edger, understanding the benefits of how your sidewalk edger is powered might be enough to overwhelm you. For this reason, we will be giving you all the information you will need to know to make an informed choice and get the best edger for lawn care for you.

Before we begin looking at power, it is important to understand what a grass edger trimmer is used for. As we mentioned, many people get confused between an edger vs weed eater, but the two are not the same thing.

While a string trimmer is used to remove weeds and long grasses, your lawn edger trimmer will create a boundary in the ground between the lawn and the surrounding areas – whether this is a fence, sidewalk, driveway, plant bed or anything else.

Edging your lawn provides several benefits but most notably will improve the aesthetics of the garden as well as its health. If the grass is left to grow into flower beds and other areas, it could cause damage, but edging a lawn as often as possible using a battery-powered lawn edger or a gas-powered lawn edger will prevent this.

Battery-Powered Edger

A battery-operated edger runs on rechargeable batteries and is one of the most modern types of lawn edger tools. There are a certain amount of benefits to h this kind of edger as well as some downsides; let’s explore these a little more closely.


One of the greatest benefits of using a battery lawn edger is that it is extremely portable. With the mains-powered electric versions of these tools, homeowners would find themselves tethered to the power point and often unable to reach certain areas of the garden.

Furthermore, these battery-operated edgers are far lighter than some other types, and this makes them a lot more user-friendly. When compared to gas garden edger tools, you will find that the battery-powered ones are far less expensive to maintain and run. This is because paying for the electricity to power the battery is far more cost-effective than buying petrol. What’s more, you do not have an engine to take care of.

Battery edgers are one of the most affordable types of edger, aside from the manual lawn edger and so are great for people who are working to a tight budget.

Contrary to popular opinion, these battery-powered tools are far more powerful than they are given credit for and while it is true that nothing will ever compete with the power of a gas edger, the battery version certainly gives it a run for its money, particularly when you compare them to the older models. They are also far less noisy and do not put out any harmful emissions.


As with anything, the battery edger is not all sunshine and roses, and there are a few drawbacks to these devices.

If you have a much larger grass area, you will either need to be prepared to purchase additional batteries or be ready to take a break in the middle of working. This is because the batteries will not last forever and will need recharging. Unlike other types of edger whose power is not interrupted, this can be pretty inconvenient.

Furthermore, a battery-powered edger will never be as powerful as a gas edger, and as we mentioned, many models are competitive, but if you want something superior, this might not be right for you.

Gas Edgers

The gas edger is the go-to tool for many people, and aside from the manual lawn edger of old, this device has been around the longest.

Much like the battery-powered edger, gas grass edgers do have their pros and cons and understanding these will help you to decide whether it is a suitable piece of equipment for your needs.

best gas lawn edger


One of the most apparent benefits of the gas lawn edger is its supreme power – you will not find anything else quite as precise and effective as this and this is one of the main reasons that these devices are so popular.

In addition, they are excellent for larger lawns because you can get a lot of edging done on a single tank of gas, but even if it runs out; filling up is extremely simple.

Some of the more modern gas trimmer edger tools are very straightforward to operate. In days gone by, one would imagine a homeowner struggling to start any form of gas-powered garden equipment and to say that this was frustrating is a huge understatement. However, with many modern features and superior engines, getting started is easier than ever before.

A gas edger may cost you a little more in the first instance, but it should be seen as something of an investment. This is because these are far more robust than battery-operated edgers and will certainly stand the test of time. It is likely that, provided you take good care of the tool, it will be with you for many years to come.


Potentially the worst drawback of the gas-powered edger is that it is terrible for the environment. There is a huge focus on emissions and eco-friendly products in the 21st century, and many garden enthusiasts are keen to get on board and support this. Unfortunately, investing in a gas edger will not be an option if you feel this way, due to their very nature, the emissions they put out are extremely high. Furthermore, these are often far noisier so might be great if you live in a remote area but if you have many neighbours, they may not take kindly to the disruption.

Gas-operated edgers are undeniably more powerful, but this means they are generally more expensive. (Find out where to find used models here).

 The engines on these models will require a certain degree of upkeep, and you must know what you’re doing when it comes to fixing them. If you don’t, you may have the additional cost of paying for repairs – this is on top of the price of fuel.

Key Takeaways

Battery sidewalk trimmers and those that are powered by gas both have their advantages and disadvantages. The type of tool you opt for will vastly depend on your personal preference as well as your needs.

For example, a larger garden might benefit more from a gas model since you won’t be limited to how long the tool will run for. In contrast, if you are particularly conscious about the environment, a zero-emission battery model will likely be more up your street.

Your budget will also have a bearing on which of these tools is more suitable for you with gas edgers being far more pricey, that being said, they will last much longer.

If you are still struggling to decide on the right model for you, we have sourced some incredible products that might help push you in one direction or the other.

The Best Battery-Powered Edgers

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful battery edger, then there are many on the market. Unfortunately, there are some substandard models out there, but we have found two of the very best battery-powered edgers that will make light work of your garden, leaving it looking neat and healthy.

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Battery Size Cutting Diameter Speed Control Weight Rating
worx battery powered edger WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12-inch 1-Speed 5.5 lbs
greenworks battery powered edger Greenworks 12 Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger 40V 12-inch
(Cut Path)
1-Speed 8.80 lbs

WORX WG170 GT Revolution

worx battery powered edgerWorx is synonymous with quality when it comes to garden equipment, and that is perfectly demonstrated in this handy battery-powered lawn edger. It offers a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it effortless to use.

Furthermore, you are getting a 3 in 1 tool that has the capacity to create lawn boundaries, trim weeds and overhanging grass and well as converting to a min-mower; if you are looking for a diverse tool, you will certainly find it in this.

It comes with two powerful 2.0Ah batteries that can be shared across the entire Worx range, making this an extremely convenient tool. It also has various handle positions and height adjustment so that you can adapt the device to your own needs.

Greenworks 12 Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

greenworks battery powered edgerFor the last twenty years, Greenworks has been at the top of its game where powered garden tools are concerned, and it is not surprising when you look at the innovation and care that goes into every one of their products.

This string trimmer is ideal for cutting those weeds back, and whilst it is not an edger that will create a boundary, it will help to maintain those once you have used another tool. What is even more impressive is that this one features a power share battery so you can switch it up between all of your Greenworks tools, including a boundary edger.

It is extremely lightweight and easy to use and covers a 12-inch area thanks to the generously-sized head. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about running out of time since this one will give you up to 60 minutes per charge!

The Best Gas-Powered Edgers

Gas edgers are fantastic if you want that boost of power and there are many excellent models on the market, from some very reputable companies. It is important to do your research and look at the various features of the edger before you commit to a purchase, but we have done a lot of the hard work for you and found some incredible products.

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Cycle Engine Size Blade Size Weight Rating
husqvarna edger Husqvarna 128LD Edger 2-cycle 28cc 17-inch (cutting width) 11 lbs
southland edger Southland SWLE0799 Walk-Behind Gas Edger 4-cycle 79cc 9-inch blade 64.6 lbs

Husqvarna 128LD Edger

husqvarna edgerThis is a string trimmer with a difference. It has an impressive 17-inch cutting path which massively sets it apart from its competitors in terms of size and productivity.

Furthermore, it features a 28cc 2-stroke engine that is both powerful and reliable. The 2-cycle engine is far superior to the 4-cycle, but it must be noted that they may require a little more knowledge and maintenance.

The Husqvarna trimmer string can be easily changed, and the user-friendly design makes this nothing short of a delight to operate.

But perhaps the most interesting feature of this tool is that it comes with several attachments which allow you to edge, trim, till and much more. This is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile devices out there!

Check on Acme Tools

Southland SWLE0799 Walk-Behind Gas Edger

southland edgerThis is a robust walk-behind edger that has all the features you would expect from a gas-powered model. It boasts a strong metal frame and steel blade that will cut through the ground without an issue but won’t deteriorate over time.

The Southland edger features a four-stroke engine which is very easy to maintain and far easier to use thanks to not needing both oil and gas, like the two-stroke. It is also far less noisy and does not give off as many vibrations.

You can adjust the depth using a simple control that further adds to the user-friendly design of this piece of equipment. The angle of the blade may also be adjusted in a similarly straightforward fashion.

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