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Best Commercial Edger – Buyers Guide

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There is nothing quite as important for the professional landscape gardener than having the right tools for the job. This can mean the difference between happy clients and those that go elsewhere.

One of the most useful pieces of equipment to have is a commercial lawn edger which will make edging your client’s gardens easy, quick and will give an incredibly aesthetically pleasing result.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best commercial-grade lawn edgers on the market as well as showing you some important buying tips.

There are various benefits in using a lawn edge trimmer for your business. Let’s explore some of these now.

  • Sidewalk edgers will give a detailed, precise and clean finish to a lawn once it has been mowed and the weeds have been removed. Not only will this give you greater job satisfaction when you stand back to admire your work, but it will keep clients returning to you time and time again.
  • Using an edger tool that has been designed with commercial use in mind will also mean that your job is made easier. Manual grass edgers are excellent for domestic use, but on a commercial scale, something far more powerful and efficient is needed.
  • In the long run, using a trimmer and edger for your business will save you time on maintenance since an edger for your lawn will prevent weed growth. This means you won’t need to keep tending to the same job as frequently.

Are There any Drawbacks to Commercial Lawn Edgers?

A professional lawn edger will give you many advantages over your competitors. However, as with any tool a commercial lawn edger does come with a few downsides. But they are superficial to say the least.

  • Professional edgers are often quite pricey so this does mean that your business will incur a significant cost. But since these pieces of equipment are so long-lasting and useful, this should be seen as a wise investment. (If it’s out of your price range, consider buying a used model).
  • Many of the commercial grade edger tools are quite hefty and this does mean the added frustration of having to transport them from job to job. It is important to ensure that you have ample room in your vehicle to do this and that you have the strength to lift the device in and out of the van.

What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Lawn Edger

Before you part with any of your cash, it is crucial to think about a few things – this will ensure that you are able to source the right equipment for you and benefit your business in the best way.

The Best Commercial Lawn Edgers

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Cycle Engine Size Blade Size Weight Rating
worx commercial edger WORX WG896 Gas Edger - - 7.5-inch blade 16 lbs
black and decker commercial edger 3-in-1 Black and Decker 3-in-1 Edger - - 12-inch (cutting width) 14.4 lbs
mclane commercial edger McLane 101-5.5 GT-7G Gas Powered Edger 4-cycle 148cc 9-inch blade 62.2 lbs
earthquake commercial edger Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Edger 4-cycle 79cc 9-inch blade 64.6 lbs

WORX WG896 Gas Edger

worx commercial edgerWorx are renowned for their incredible range of tools and their electric lawn edger is something to be admired. The powerful blade spins at a mind-blowing 4700rpm giving you some of the most incredible and precise cutting on the market.

The Worx lawn edger also offers a lightweight piece of equipment that won’t be difficult to transport and you can also feel confident that every job will be done to perfection thanks to the line edge guide.

It boasts adjustable depth as well as the option to adjust the handle to get comfortable use. This is great if several workers will be using the same tool.

Black and Decker 3-in-1 Edger

black and decker commercial edger 3-in-1We have talked about versatility and it doesn’t get much better than this. The Black and Decker lawn edger offers you the ability to mow, trim and edge all in one compact device.

This is a cordless tool so it is important to factor in additional batteries when using for commercial jobs. That being said, you do get a fair amount of run time. The batteries can be power-shared across the Black and Decker range so this is ideal if you already have a lot of their cordless tools. Plus, they are known to retain their charge for up to five times more than other batteries.

What’s more, this edger tool is extremely compact which means that moving from job to job will not be a huge challenge.

McLane 101-5.5 GT-7G Gas Powered Edger

mclane commercial edgerThis robust gas powered lawn edger is ideal for tradespeople who want to get the job done right, every time and comes with various features that help you effortlessly meet this goal.

The McLane lawn edger boasts an impressive Honda four-cycle engine, even if you aren’t overly familiar with engine types, the name Honda gives it all away – you will be getting quality and reliability.

Of all the types of edgers, gas is the most powerful and this one exerts its superior force over a 9-inch blade that will make light work of all your edging jobs.

Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Edger

earthquake commercial edgerThere is no denying that the Earthquake lawn edger certainly lives up to its robust name. A walk-behind edger is ideal for commercial use as it offers excellent stability and control which is ideal for getting a precise and professional result.

The blades spin at 3400rpm as a result of the 79cc four-cycle engine that easily rivals other machines in this class. What’s more, you are getting multi-angle cutting to ensure that whether you are working on flat or sloped ground, the results will always be consistent.

But most interestingly is that this edger, despite being a petrol model which usually means bulkier and more cumbersome, is lightweight and extremely easy to move around.


A professional lawn edger machine will boost your business in a way that no other tool can. Not only are these reliable and handy pieces of equipment but many of them come with a multi-function use that makes them ideal for taking from job to job.

Of course, when purchasing this type of equipment, it is wise to consider certain things first to ensure that you find a tool which will easily meet your demands.

There are several excellent and powerful lawn edgers for commercial use on the market, whether you are looking for gas or electric, you won’t have trouble finding one to suit you.

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