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Best Electric Edgers of 2022

An electric edger is an excellent addition to your garden tool arsenal and will likely prove extremely useful, but when purchasing one of these pieces of equipment, it is crucial that you know what you are looking for. This will ensure that you always buy the right product for your needs and will get the best value for money.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best electric lawn edger tools currently available as well as exploring some of the essential things to consider when purchasing a lawn edge trimmer.

There is an incredible number of electric lawn edgers on the market, and it isn’t difficult to get lost in a sea of options. For this reason, we have put together a list of the very best electric corded lawn edgers to make shopping for one a lot easier.

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Blade Depth Trenching Capability Power Weight Rating
worx electric lawn edger WORX WG896 Edger Adjustable 1”
Yes 12 Amp 16 lbs
black and decker electric lawn edger Black and Decker LE750 Edger Three-position blade depth Yes 12 Amp 13.2 lbs
greenworks electric lawn edger Greenworks 12 Amp Edger Adjustable blade depth No 12 Amp 13.24 lbs
craftsman electric lawn edger Craftsman CMEED400 Edger 3 blade-depth Yes 12 Amp 15.57 lbs
scotts outdoor power tools electric lawn edger Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Edger Adjustable 1”
Yes 12 Amp 13 lbs

1. WORX WG896

worx electric lawn edgerIf you are at all familiar with garden tools, you will have likely heard of the powerhouse that is Worx, and the Worx lawn edger certainly upholds their impressive reputation.

One of the most notable things about this product is that it comes with the option of purchasing an extension cord which is a nice little touch. Furthermore, the powerful 4700RPM and 12 amp engine mean that you are getting excellent performance as well as practicality.

Using this device couldn’t be more enjoyable thanks to the adjustable height and ergonomic handle. What’s more, the handy cutting line indicator ensures that you will achieve the perfect cut every time. (Take a look at our full in-depth Worx Edger review).

2. Black and Decker LE750

black and decker electric lawn edgerThere is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Black and Decker are among the top power and garden tool manufacturers in the world, which is why you won’t be surprised at the quality and performance of the Black and Decker electric edger.

The robust 12 amp engine delivers unparalleled torque for precision cutting and total ease of use. Furthermore, in terms of multi-functionality, this is second to none. A quick release of the pull-up guide takes you from edger to trencher in seconds.

You can pretty much use the tool straight out of the box thanks to the quick assembly design and the high-quality materials mean that this is a tool that will stand the test of time. (Take a look at our full in-depth Black and Decker review).

3. Greenworks 12 Amp Edger

greenworks electric lawn edgerGreenworks are renowned for their innovation in garden tools, and you are getting the high-quality you would expect when using the Greenworks electric edger.

It features a super-strong seven and a half-inch, double-edged blade that makes light work of even the most challenging terrain. If it’s power you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.

This one also boasts a spring-loaded front wheel that offers extra stability, but the real treat comes in the form of the adjustable blade depth which offers versatility and freedom to create edges exactly as you’d like them.

Furthermore, you’re getting an excellent user experience thanks to the adjustable and comfortable handle and a handy cord lock for safe and convenient use.

4. Craftsman CMEED400

craftsman electric lawn edgerThe Craftsman electric edger is a device unlike any other – the first thing you will notice is the bright red design and if aesthetics matter, this is indeed a machine that may take your fancy.

But looks aside, you’re getting a top-quality piece of equipment that won’t let you down in terms of performance.

The powerful 12 amp motor delivers incredibly high torque that makes cutting through the ground more effortless than ever. Furthermore, precision needn’t be a worry thanks to the cutting guide that ensures a straight and even cut every time.

The tool comes with variable blade depths, three in total, which gives you the freedom to work your garden how you want, without limitation.

Of course, no tool would be complete without easy storage options and thanks to the built-in hook, popping this one of the shed walls is quick, convenient and won’t take up masses of space.

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools

scotts outdoor power tools electric lawn edgerIt only takes a quick glance at this tool to see that it is durable and hard-working. The Scotts corded electric lawn edger boasts an 11 amp engine and three cutting heights for optimal results every time.

Moreover, you are getting a multi-function device that can easily be converted into a trencher for more hardy groundwork. It also has that all-important guide line to help you make an exact cut every time, giving your lawn a professional and well-maintained appearance.

As we mentioned earlier, using an electric edger can be difficult if the cord gets in the way but thanks to the tangle-free retention hook, edging with an electric corded edger has never been more simple.

Benefits Of Electric Lawn Edgers

There are a variety of edgers for your lawn, each having its own type of power. In the main, these are manual, cordless, gas and electric. There are advantages to each of these types of grass edgers, and the electric models are no exception. Let’s explore some of the benefits you will see when using this type of equipment.


Many people prefer a gas-powered edger tool as they are often the most powerful, but they are also very detrimental to the environment. An electric lawn edger does not give off the same emissions as their gas counterparts and are, therefore, far more eco-friendly.

What’s more, they are much quieter and so do not create as much noise pollution which can be irritating to the neighbours and disrupt the tranquillity of your own garden.

Great For Smaller Gardens

If you are working on a smaller plot of land, a bulky gas-powered model probably isn’t the best option. Many people with more extensive lawns will steer away from an electric grass trimmer because of their corded design. However, for smaller properties, this form of power is perfectly viable and a lot more convenient.

Power Won’t Run Out

An electric corded edger will keep going as long as you need it to. There are many cordless models that are highly favoured by many modern gardeners, but the reality is that their juice will quickly run out.

An electric sidewalk edger won’t ever lose power. Even with gas models, users are required to stop and refill the fuel from time to time. Being plugged into the mains means that your electric edger trimmer will keep going and going and going…


Compared to their gas cousins, electric trimmers and edgers require very little maintenance, if any at all.

If you are looking for a tool that you can simply plug in and put to work, then an electric model is well worth considering.

Great Performance

Some of the best electric trimmer edgers deliver performance and power that is comparable to their gas counterparts. Although gas will always offer tremendous power, some of the modern electric models are not far off matching this.

Create A Professional-Looking Garden

Using an electric edger tool will give you the freedom to create a lawn that looks as though it has been professionally maintained, and this is essential if you want to improve the curb appeal of your home. Mowing the lawn and trimming the edges does give your garden a nice look but an electric edger can add that final important touch to put your garden a cut above the rest.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using An Electric Lawn Edger?

Of course, there are people who will find that even the very best electric lawn edger doesn’t work for them. Whilst these are fantastic pieces of equipment, some things put them behind the rest.

Lack Of Movement

Using a corded electric edger will restrict your movement far more than other types of equipment. Users are tethered to the power point by a cord, and this means that if you have a large garden, this device may not be suitable. Even with the use of extension cords, you are still limited.

Less Powerful

We mentioned that some of the best electric edgers are extremely powerful. However, there is no denying that they will never deliver the same power as a gas model, and they tend to be a little slower.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Lawn Edger

Before you commit to purchasing any particular model, it is important to think about certain factors that may affect how you use the edger and how it will meet your needs.

Doing your research and looking at various products will ensure that you find the right one and get the best deal.


How you intend to use the edger tool will impact the type of blades that you will need. You have a choice of three blade types – flat, scooped and star-shaped. The latter is far better at creating a clean edge along solid barriers such as walls and fences. In contrast, a scooped blade will work well along your flower beds.
You should also look at whether the blades can be adjusted, this is usually the case, and most electric edgers will have anywhere between three and six cutting heights.


One of the most frustrating things about working with corded tools like electric edgers is that the cable can often get in the way – not only is this annoying, it could be potentially dangerous.
Many electric edger trimmers come with a feature to keep the cord tangle-free, and out of the way, this is vital for safe and unobstructed use.

Size of the Lawn

We touched on the fact that electric edgers may not be good for larger gardens. In the main, experts suggest that an electric grass edger can be operated up to 100 metres away from the power source. This does give you a lot of scope, but if you have a particularly massive yard, this may not be the right option for you.


If you want greater control over the tool, getting one with wheels is a huge advantage. There are handheld devices which rely on the balance and management of the user to keep the edge line straight. However, these can be hard work, especially in more significant areas. Finding an edger for your lawn that features wheels will take a lot of the stress out of the job.

Power and Torque

Looking at the power of the motor will give you a clear idea of how efficient the edger will be. As a rule of thumb, 12 amps is sufficient, but users should also take into account the torque. This is the rotational force of the blades and the higher the torque, the more powerful the cutting action.

Multi-Tool Function

If you are short on storage space, it is essential that you can make the most of multi-functional tools and many edgers double up as mini-mowers and trimmers. It is worth looking at whether the edger has any add-ons that allow you to tackle more than one job with a single tool. Not only does this save space, but it also saves money.


Electric lawn edgers are fantastic and convenient tools for smaller gardens or those who don’t want the bulky, less eco-friendly gas-powered versions. Compared to battery-operated edgers, these electrical models have a dramatic advantage in terms of run-time and so are frequently favoured for those who need a little something more.

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