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Best Garden Tiller 2021 – Our Top 6

Garden tillers are an important stable in the gardening and landscaping industry. According to our research, there are many factors that you should consider before purchasing a new garden tiller. For example, if you have any back issues or arthritis then it might be wise to buy an electric tiller as they require less physical effort than a manual one and can still accomplish most tasks required for a small yard. We will now review some of the best garden tillers available on the market to save you the hassle!

Sun Joe 24V-TLR-CT 6-Inch Cutting Swath Garden Tiller/Cultivator

sun joe garden tillerThe Sun Joe 24V-TLR-CT is a great tool for tilling and cultivating your garden. This tiller/cultivator is powered by a 24 Volt Lithium-Ion battery that can be used to till and cultivate up to 6 inches deep. It has dual tilling blades which allow you to till up to 4.25 inches wide by 6 inches deep at once, creating an ideal path for planting seeds or seedlings. The telescopic pole extends from 28.3 inches to 37.3 inches, allowing you the flexibility of using this garden tiller.

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller/Cultivator

tacklife garden tillerTACKLIFE’s Electric Tiller/Cultivator is a powerful tool for your gardening needs. This machine has a 12 Amp pure copper motor, providing 400Rpm high speeds, 16 inch cultivation width and 8 inches of maximum cultivation depth. 6 high-hardness manganese steel blades provide efficient tilling and soil preparation for planting seeds or transplanting plants. The foldable handle saves space and offers convenient storage. Double safety switches, anti-kickback and overheat protection make this cultivator safe to use. Lightweight design makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

sun joe electric garden tillerThe Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller is the perfect tool for cultivating and tilling hard soil to prepare it for planting. With its powerful 13.5 Amp motor, the Sun Joe TJ604E can cultivate up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep in one pass, making it an extremely versatile option. The 6 steel angled tines slice through soil at 370 RPM to cultivate weeds and break up hard soil. The cultivator can also be used to loosen up soil before planting seeds or transplanting plants.

The handle folds for convenient storage, and the 3-position wheel adjustment makes it easy to switch between cultivating and tilling modes. This electric garden cultivator/tiller is backed by a 2-year limited warranty from Sun Joe.

Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator with 99cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine

The Earthquake Front Tine Tiller is a powerful and easy to use tiller. The Tiller has a powerful 99cc 4-cycle Viper engine that provides the power you need to get your garden or yard cleaned up in no time. This tiller is very convenient and quiet, making it ideal for working early in the morning or late at night without disturbing other people nearby. In addition, this tiller features tool-less removal that quickly turns it from a tiller into a cultivator. This gas-powered garden cultivator/tiller is backed by a 5-year limited warranty from Earthquake.

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator

The Mantis 4-Cycle Gas Powered Tiller is the perfect tool for any size garden. It’s built to last and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The powerful Honda 4-cycle 25cc engine makes quick work of weeding, cultivating, aerating or hilling your garden beds. Its tine speed of up to 240 rpm makes it easy to mix the soil and loosen compacted areas while its handy carrying handle lets you transport it from one area to another easily. This gas powered cultivator weighs only 24 pounds making it ultra-lightweight and easy to use.

TACKLIFE TGTL01A Advanced Garden Tiller

Tacklife TGTL01A is a garden tiller that will be your best friend in the garden. It can be used for both small and large gardens. The Tacklife Garden Tiller has an adjustable width to suit all your gardening needs, from 6 inches to 4 inches. You can also adjust it depending on how deep you want to till. It also features a powerful 13.5 Amp motor that gives a maximum speed of 380 Rpm and 8 inches of tilling depth which is great for planting new plants or vegetables in the ground, aerating soil for helping roots grow deeply.

The TACKLIFE TGTL01A Garden Tiller is a new and advanced model which has been improved on the basis of old models. It is foldable that allows for easy and convenient storage. Safety buttons and brake switches are adopted to ensure the safety of users. The anti-vibration system can effectively reduce arm fatigue by adjusting the speed automatically according to different working conditions. The 13.5 Amp motor technology that has high power output, low noise and long service life is a great choice for loose soil and planting. The handlebar adopts an ergonomic design that makes operation more comfortable.

Wouldn’t it be the stuff of dreams to have a garden filled with perfect soil for planting? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for a lot of homeowners and correctly preparing the soil first is a must. But how do you do it? With a garden tiller!

That said, depending on the type of soil you have, the size of your garden and your personal preference, what might make the best garden tiller for me, may not be right for you. For this reason, it’s essential to look at each tool with an objective eye before making a final decision. 

What Is A Tiller?

If you’ve never used one before, you might be asking yourself what is a tiller? You might sometimes hear a tiller being referred to as a rotavator but they’re essentially one of the same thing. These powerful garden tools are used to turn over soil and make it more suitable for planting. 

If your garden suffers from tightly compacted soil that any plant root would recoil in horror at, then a tiller will loosen this using a series of either two or four strong blades. Not only this, but most tillers for sale also come in handy when you want to get a good mix and bring fertilizer or compost into the ground. 

There are manual tools available for this kind of work but these can be very physically demanding, particularly if you have a very large garden, so a powered gas tiller or electric tiller is often the best choice. 

What To Consider When Buying A Garden Tiller

When it comes to choosing a suitable yard tiller, there are quite a few things that you must think about. 

Electric Tillers

If you are looking for a small tiller for a less significant area then an electric soil tiller might be the better choice. This is largely because you will be somewhat limited to where you can use the tiller owing to the fact that you will be tethered to the power socket; but then, in a small yard, this isn’t typically a big issue.

While the electric start tiller doesn’t have as much power as their gas cousins, they are ideal if you are dealing with less compacted soil in a little garden. What’s more, because your electric tiller will be connected to the mains power, it won’t ever give up in the middle of a job, so if it is reliability you are after, these are excellent tools. 

Another thing that a lot of people enjoy about electric yard tillers is that they require very little maintenance. If you have ever used a gas powered tiller or other garden tool, you will know that they are notoriously difficult to start. Furthermore, there are regular maintenance checks that need to be carried out such as checking spark plugs and oil levels which comes with the territory when using a machine with lots of moving parts

Gas Tillers

While gas tillers are usually a lot more expensive than electric ones, you are benefiting from a significantly larger amount of power. For people working on a larger area with very compacted soil a mini tiller simply won’t do and these gas powered tools are without doubt, the better choice. If the soil is filled with a lot of rubble, the greater power will be of even more benefit. 


That said, you will find that, owing to the larger size and heavy engine, a gas garden tiller will be much more weighty and difficult to move. You will need to have a decent amount of physical ability to use these machines. 

You should also consider the horsepower of the tiller. If you have a very large garden, then you might benefit from something with an engine that pulls 6 or more horsepower, whereas most average-sized yards would be OK with a 5 horsepower tool. 

Cultivators vs Tillers

If you’re in the market for the best garden tiller, you must beware that you do not fall into the trap of looking for a cultivator. This is where things might get a little confusing because while a tiller and a rotavator are the same thing, the name cultivator refers to a different tool, even though the names are often used in place of one another. 

When it comes to a cultivator vs tiller, the former is a tool that is more suited to light duties such as weeding and minor soil prep. Conversely, the blades on a tiller will penetrate much more deeply and are usually used on an area that has not yet been planted. 

You will find that a cultivator is much easier to move around as the blades are notably smaller and do not cut as deeply into the soil. That said, it is possible to purchase a mini tiller which performs just as well as its larger brothers but comes in a more compact design.

Front Tine vs Rear Tine Tillers

After choosing your preferred method of power, you will need to consider the type of tiller you would like. In the main, this is based around the position of the blades, which in this instance, are often called tines. There are two choices and while you might not think it, you will notice a difference in how they perform. 

Front Tine

The front tine tiller features a set of tines at the front of the machine and these rotate in a forwards motion. The wheels are located at the back of the tool. If you need a tiller to complete lighter yard work then a front tine garden tiller would be the best option since they do not dig down as deeply as rear tines making them ideal for maintaining already cultivated areas. 

Rear Tine

For more heavy duty garden work, the rear tine garden tiller would likely be the better choice. The rear tine tiller had its blades situated at the back of the tool with wheels are the front. The tines still rotate in the same manner but are much more adept at cutting through and turning very heavily compacted soil. In cases where there is a lot of rock or clay, they will make light work of this without causing damage to the tines.

Vertical Tine Tillers

If you feel that you would benefit from both rear and front tine tillers, then there is an option that might give you the advantages of both. Vertical tine tillers blend the function of both other types and can be used in a more versatile manner for both cultivating and deep tilling. 


Much like other types of garden tool, such as the lawn mower, a garden tiller will only be able to cover a certain width at any time; this is often referred to as the cutting width or cutting diameter. For larger gardens, you will need something much more substantial but for a small area, you won’t need anything anywhere near as large. 

As tillers get bigger, they become more difficult to maneuver and this is a serious consideration especially if you feel that you would struggle where strength is concerned. In this case, we would recommend purchasing a mini tiller which will still harbour the same power without the cumbersome body. 


If you are trying to use a larger tiller in a tight space, you will find that you lack the ability to move around freely. Again this is where mini versions come in handy. While it can be tempting to buy a very powerful tiller thinking that it will get things done more quickly, it’s larger size will mean that it is more difficult to move so you should only buy something that is suited to your needs. 

Moreover, it can help to look for features such as an adjustable handle. If you are having to bend down or overreach to use the tiller, this can make moving it around much more physically demanding.

Size Of Garden

You may have a preference over the type of tiller that you like to use, and if that is the case then who are we to stop you? However, it is worth keeping in mind that gas powered tools are generally better for bigger gardens whereas an electric-powered tiller would suit a small yard. 

Types Of Soil

For gardens that have loamy soil that is loose and needs very little work, a hugely powerful tiller won’t be required. You will only need a small model to gently work the soil ready for planting. Conversely, if you have very dense and heavily compacted soil that is filled with weeds, rocks and other debris, you are going to have to admit defeat and go for a larger, more powerful garden tiller.


A warranty is important to ensure that you will be covered in the event that the tool malfunctions or breaks prematurely. This is particularly important if you are using a gas powered model as there is a chance that things might go wrong. 

Most of the globally recognised brands offer a decent warranty but usually, you will need to register the tool if you want to take advantage of any extended warranties, so be sure to check this before parting with any cash. 


There is a belief that to get the best, you have to invest a lot of money. While there is a degree of truth in this, there are some excellent quality affordable tillers out there. You might have to do a little more hard work to find them but they do exist. And who would complain about getting excellent value for money?


A soil tiller is an essential tool for preparing an area of compacted ground for planting. But choosing the right one will mean the difference between success and a very challenging job. You must decide on the type of power you would prefer as well as things like size, budget and tine placement. 

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