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Best Half Moon Garden Edgers (Edging Shovel) – Buyer’s Guide

We’re all looking to have a perfectly presented garden but the sheer amount of equipment needed is mindblowing. If you are looking for a tool that will help maintain your garden without taking up masses of room in the shed, then one of the best half moon garden edger tools might be right for you.

With such a vast array of half moon edger tools on the market, it can be easy to become confused over which to choose. Even after you have considered the above points, you may still be unsure. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic; we have put together a list of the very best manual garden edgers available today!

Radius Garden 25602 Pro Lite Carbon Steel Edger

radius garden manual edgerThis half moon edger comes with a larger than average step plate which makes it much easier to use. What’s more, it has a rounded handle for easy gripping and a rubber coating for maximum comfort.

The Radius garden edger features a heat-treated steel blade that is designed to make a precise cut. Furthermore, this makes the blade incredibly durable giving you many years of effective garden edging.

Fiskars 38.5 Inch Long Handle Steel Edger

fiskars manual grass edgerThe strong steel blades on the Fiskars edger will make light work of slicing through dense ground and is ideal for both large and small gardens. It boasts a larger foot plate giving you more space to apply force, making it easier to penetrate the ground.

What’s more, this half moon lawn edger tool features an extra long handle which is perfect for people who are slightly taller or who have problems with bending down.

AMES 2917200 Saw Tooth Border Edger With T Grip

ames manual lawn edgerThe Ames landscaping edger is the ideal tool for anyone who likes to get a stable grip on their equipment. The T grip is designed for comfort and features a soft coating to ensure that, no matter how long edging takes, you won’t suffer.

This edging spade comes with a robust steel handle for increased durability and a steel blade that will slice through the ground with ease. Furthermore, the blade has a saw-tooth design which makes cutting through sod and other dense material a lot more simple.

Radius 20601 PRO Garden Stainless Steel Edger

Another of the Radius edger shovel range, this tool provides a comfortable padded grip along with a circular handle for excellent comfort while working. It also benefits from a long shaft that is perfect if you are looking to avoid bending down.

The stainless steel design offers great durability and a stable feel when you are using this step edge. In fact, the brand is so confident in the quality of the materials and considers this one of the best edger shovel tools on the market, that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

AMES True Temper TEGT Basic Turf Edger

If you are looking for a half moon edger shovel that will simply get the job done, then this is definitely a tool worth considering. It boasts a long, stable shaft and a handle that is contoured for maximum comfort.

The blade offers a clean and efficient cut through even dense ground thanks to its solid steel design. What’s more, with a height of 48 inches, this is the best lawn edger spade for taller people.

What Is A Half Moon Edger?

best half moon edgerA half moon edger tool is a piece of manual gardening equipment that is used to create a border around the edge of a lawn. Unlike powered models, these slimline, compact tools rely on the force and strength of the user, who will typically use the foot to drive the edger into the ground.

These type of manual edger tools are usually made with a long handle and a blade that features a flat ‘foot platform’ for the user to stand on. A stainless steel half moon lawn edger blade gives you a clean cut and will penetrate the ground easily while remaining incredibly robust. This means that these are very long-lasting tools and one of the reasons that they are favoured by so many gardeners and homeowners.

How To Use A Half Moon Edger

Using a manual garden edger is considerably easier than using a powered tool. This is because these tools require no complex controls or operation. However, it is worth keeping in mind that even the best step edger tools will require you to exert a certain amount of strength. For this reason, these tools may not be suitable for people who struggle with physical activity.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our simple step by step instructions on how to use a manual edger tool.

  • Begin by marking out the area that you wish to cut. You could freestyle but you are then running the risk of making a mistake part way through that cannot be rectified.
  • When you are confident of the area you are going to cut, place the step edger onto the ground and push it down with your foot. If the ground is solid, you may need to exert a little extra pressure and it can help to wiggle the edger from side to side to get as far down as you need.
  • It is important that, if you meet resistance that cannot be overcome, you do not force the tool. There could be lines, roots and other things running under the ground that may become damaged.
  • Move around the garden, repeating the process until you are happy with how it looks.
  • Now, you can clear away any debris and enjoy your perfectly manicured lawn.

In addition to knowing how to use your edger, it is important to maintain it correctly. These tools are very robust but they still need a good level of care. Make sure that you remove any debris or dirt from the blade after every use. A great tip to keep your manual garden edger from rusting is to store it with the blade in a bucket of sand.

What To Consider When Buying A Half Moon Edger

You might not think it, but there are a lot of things to think about when you buy a half moon garden edger. Before you commit to any particular product, you should consider the following things.


When it comes to keeping on top of your garden, you don’t always need a heavy, powered tool. Some of the best half moon garden edger tools make maintaining your garden a breeze. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly, lightweight and super easy to use.

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