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Best Weed Eater Face Shield – Buyer’s Guide

It can be easy to assume that getting outside to do a spot of garden trimming isn’t that much of a risky activity. However, when using any type of powered tool, there is a safety risk involved. That is why it is essential to wear a weed eater face shield and other lawn care protective gear.

The Best Weed Eater Face Shield's

Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

weed eater head protectionHusqvarna is a brand known for its impeccable quality and when it comes to choosing a robust and effective weed trimmer face shield, this is one of the first brands that comes to mind.

This helmet offers incredible protection for your head as well as UV protection making this the ideal solution for working in the summer or hot climates. Furthermore, this weed eater protection boasts a cotton sweatband that effectively wicks away moisture and feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

The helmet features a rain shield and ear defenders that are capable of blocking out up to 25 decibels which is more than sufficient for most average types of yard work.

Stihl Promark Forestry Helmet System

weed wacker face shieldAnother of the top garden brands, Sthil brings us this incredibly durable weed wacker helmet that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. What’s more, it features a 6-point suspension and amazing shock absorbency.

The helmet system comes with a steel mesh visor that offers excellent protection for the face as well as 25 decibel ear protectors. It also has a handy rain gutter so that your view won’t be affected by a pesky shower.

Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet

Another promising piece of trimmer protection equipment from Husqvarna is this lightweight and easy to use helmet. The size can be adjusted with one hand while being worn making it simple and no-nonsense.

What’s more, this one features a mesh vent that allows for good airflow, keeping the head cool on hot days. There is also a handy UV indicator that will let you know when the sun’s rays become too strong, signalling that the helmet may lose its effectiveness.

No-Cry 6 In 1 Industrial Forest Safety Helmet

weed wacker helmetOur final choice is this excellent piece of weed eater safety equipment that features a hard hat and a set of ear defenders that protect your hearing by reducing sound by 25.9 decibels. In addition to this, the visor has an extra poly cover that is perfect for protecting the eyes from flying debris.

This helmet has an internal adjustable headband so that you can make it comfortable for you and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

What A Weed Eater Face Shield Is Used For

A weed wacker face shield is an important piece of equipment used to protect the head, face and eyes from flying debris when using a weed eater. These powerful tools may often experience kickback, whereby solid materials can be thrown out of the weed eater and back towards the user.

While this is less common when the weed eater guard is on the equipment, it is still entirely possible. Wearing the correct safety equipment, including a landscaping face shield, will drastically lower the risk of a serious injury.

A face shield for mowing and weed eating may feature a helmet to protect the head, as well as a visor that comes down in front of the face. This aspect of the equipment ensures that the eyes are protected since any flying debris could run the risk of causing blindness.

Finally, many of these face shields for yard work come with a set of ear defenders. This is very important when working with noisy equipment on a regular basis especially gas string trimmers which can be incredibly loud.

Weed Eater Safety

Your weed eater may look like a relatively unassuming piece of equipment and it can be very easy to think that there isn’t much chance of becoming injured by it. After all, your hands are nowhere near the spinning string and you’ve never had any accidents in the past, right?

But there is always a first time, and those that end up in the emergency department after a run in with their trimmer always wish that they had adhered to string trimmer safety a little more closely. Investing a little time and money into your well being and protection is imperative and if we can’t convince you, then perhaps knowing a little more about the potential risks will.

Weed Eater Safety Statistics

According to our research, there are as many as 4,600 string trimmer accidents in the United States alone each year. These accidents range in severity with some being mild and others being close to fatal. One thing that they all have in common is that they all required medical attention. This tells us that the actual figure could be much higher since not all accidents will have been reported to the emergency department.

Much more than that, there are horror stories from around the world that detail real-life situations where gardening equipment was the cause of horrific injuries and even death. And this problem isn’t limited to the humble weed wacker; lawn mowers and other powered garden tools require just as much safety equipment.

Take, for example, the guy from New South Wales, Australia who unknowingly mowed over his own foot, removing a toe in the process. Reports state that, in this part of the world, as many as three people a month are amputating digits from garden cutting equipment.

Moving over to Japan, we find the horrific and tragic story of the father who shockingly killed his own daughter with a weed wacker. Before you read this story, please let us make you aware that it is incredibly devastating and should be read with caution.

With all of this in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why following weedeater safety rules is incredibly important.

Weed Eater Safety Checklist/Tips

When operating a weed eater, there are several things that you can do to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Before you even think about picking up one of these potentially dangerous tools, be sure to look over the following checklist.

  • Make sure that you wear solid shoes, preferably with a toe cap. Never wear open shoes when using a weed eater. Furthermore, shoes should have good traction to prevent the user from slipping.
  • Wear long pants and sleeves to protect the arms and legs but make sure that you have no loose clothing.
  • Work gloves should be worn to protect the hands.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with how to operate the weed eater. Do not attempt to use it before looking at and understanding the user manual.
  • Wear eye protection and a face shield as well as ear defenders, especially if you are using a loud, gas tool.
  • Before turning the weed eater on, make sure that all parts are in good working order and no repairs are needed.
  • As best as you can, make sure that the area you will cut is free from debris including rocks, wire, sticks and other solid objects.
  • Stand stably while starting the machine and when it is at full power, then move into your cutting position.
  • Do not allow other people to come within 30 feet of the cutting area. If anyone passes into this area, turn off the weed eater immediately to avoid striking them with debris.
  • Never use the weed eater to cut grass or weeds above knee height.
  • If you need to make repairs to the weed wacker, be sure to disconnect the spark plug to avoid accidental start-ups.

Other Types Of Safety Equipment

In addition to the weed wacker face shield, there are other pieces of safety equipment that you can use to ensure you are always fully protected. These may include:

  • Ear defenders
  • Solid shoes
  • Work gloves
  • Leg protectors
  • Thick trousers such as those designed for use with cutting equipment such as a chainsaw.
  • Eye goggles


With a worrying number of weed wacker accidents taking place in domestic gardens around the world every year, it goes without saying that finding the right protective equipment such as a weed eater face shield is beyond important. When you are out in the garden, your safety should always be your main concern, and these pieces of equipment can help ensure that.

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