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Best Weed Eater Racks of 2022

A weed eater rack is a vital component for any lawn mowing business or homeowner. They allow trimmers to be stored and transported securely when going from job to job.  However, finding a good one can be easier said than done, with so many different models and types available.

We have assembled a list of some of the best weed eater racks for your garage, trailer or truck we could find online and given each a rating out of 5 based on the feedback from owners.

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Storage Capacity Lockable Locks Included Weight Rating
buyers lt12 weed eater rack Buyers LT12 3-Trimmer Rack 3 x Trimmers Not Lockable Not Lockable 14.9 lbs
hodenn 3 place weed eater rack Hodenn 3 Place Trimmer Landscape Truck Rack 3 x Trimmers Lockable Padlocks Included 18.41 lbs
buyers lt13 weed eater rack Buyers Products LT13 Trimmer Rack 3 x Trimmers Lockable Padlocks Included 24 lbs
buyers lt10 weed eater rack Buyers LT10 3-Trimmer Rack 3 x Trimmers Lockable Not Included 24 lbs
jungle jim weed eater rack Jungle Jim's 3TR Trimmer Rack 3 x Trimmers Lockable Not Included 26.1 lbs

1. Buyers LT12 3-Trimmer Landscape Truck & Trailer Enclosed Rack

buyers lt12 weed eater rackThe Buyers LT12 3-Trimmer Landscape Truck & Trailer Enclosed Rack is perfect for your lawn mowing business or garage. It has a snap-in design that allows for easy storage. This rack has the capacity to store up to 3 weed eaters and the stainless steel springs maintain snap back with repeated daily use. The vinyl coated hooks will protect your trimmers from damage and mounting hardware is included making installation a smooth process. The Buyers LT12 is the perfect weed eater rack for enclosed trailers as the design allows it to be easily mounted in enclosed style trailers.

2. Hodenn 3 Place Trimmer Landscape Truck Rack

hodenn 3 place weed eater rackThe Hodenn 3-Place Trimmer Rack is the perfect way to store your trimmers, hedge clippers and brush cutters. Made of high strength black coated steel, the rack includes three padlocks for added security. The padded top protects your equipment from damage while moving from job to job. This is the perfect weed eater rack for trailers and trucks, however, this can also be mounted on a wall in your garage or garden shed.

3. Buyers Products LT13 Trimmer Rack

buyers lt13 weed eater rackThe Buyers Products 3 Position Trimmer Rack is an effective way to carry your trimmers from job to job. The rack has a three position channel and pin that reduces rattling in transit, while the padded vinyl coating protects your equipment from scratches and chipping. Each rack includes 3 padlocks with keys for locking down your equipment. This heavy-duty weed eater rack measures 31.88 inches high, so it will fit on most open trailers or trucks. A must-have item for the serious landscaper!

4. Buyers LT10 3-Trimmer Landscape Truck & Trailer Locking Rack

buyers lt10 weed eater rackThe Buyers LT10 3-Trimmer Landscape Truck & Trailer Locking Rack is a great way to transport and store your trimmers. This locking rack holds up to three trimmers, keeping them safe and secure while you drive or when you’re parked. It comes with vinyl coated hooks that are designed for durability. The stainless steel springs are long lasting, ensuring the best performance over time. The design of this product allows for one-hand operation so you can easily load and unload your trimmers without any help from another person. Mounting hardware is included allowing the easiest installation possible. 

5. Jungle Jim’s 3TR Trimmer Rack Set for Lawn & Landscape Trailers

jungle jim weed eater rackThe Jungle Jim’s 3TR Weed Eater Rack is the perfect storage solution for your trimmers. This rack holds up to three weed eaters and features a spring-loaded design that secures with a padlock that defers theft. It also has a spool line holder, compression pin that eliminates spinning in transit and long-lasting stainless steel springs.

What to Consider When Buyer a Weed Eater Rack

Before you decide on a weed eater rack, it is crucial to think about a few things to ensure you choose the right equipment for you.

Storage Capacity

It’s important to think about how many trimmers a weed eater rack can store at any given time. Especially if you own a lawn mowing or landscaping business and require a storage capacity of more than one weed eater. Most weed eater racks have a 3 trimmer storage limit giving you the flexibility to bring along multiple trimmers to the job or even other tools such as hedge clippers or brush cutters.


Spring Loaded Clamps

A spring loaded snap-in design on a weed eater rack is a feature that allows for effortless storage while also ensuring your trimmers stay secure during transport. If you’re a professional gardener or landscaper, It’s also important to choose a model that has strong stainless steel springs that maintain after repeated daily use.



Before purchasing your weed eater rack, check if they are lockable and can be secured with a padlock. This is an important safety feature especially during transport and will prevent theft of your valuable trimmers. Some weed eater racks come with padlocks taking out the headache of having to go and purchase your own locks.


Wall Mountable

If you’re not intending to use your weed eater rack on your truck or trailer and instead wish to mount it in your garage or garden shed, you must ensure the model you choose is designed to also be mounted on a wall.


Weed eater racks are an excellent addition for any professional landscaper or lawn mowing business owner and will provide them with the ultimate weed eater storage tool. There are various types of options available and choosing the right one that suits your needs is important.

Our picks of the best weed eater racks gives you an insight into some of the best options on the market and will help you decide on the perfect option for your weed eater storage needs.

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