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Black and Decker LE750 Edger Review

black and decker lawn edger pinA corded edger tool is a superb piece of kit to have in your gardening arsenal – it will help create boundaries and borders with ease, but one of the most impressive things about them is their ease of use and continuous power.

The Black and Decker lawn edger is a great tool that you can use right out of the box, there is no setup required, unlike the gas-powered sidewalk edger, and it delivers both power and performance.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at some of the astounding features that the Black and Decker electric edger offers and giving you our opinion on this edger for your lawn.


One of the most essential features on any grass edge cutter is strong, durable, and reliable blades, and the Black and Decker edger certainly does not disappoint.

The Black and Decker grass edger boasts a 7.5-inch steel blade that has been specifically designed to be able to cut through overgrown areas with ease. Whether you simply want to edge the lawn or dig a little deeper to create a trench for a flower bed, this blade can do it all.

Furthermore, there is a choice of three blade positions with the Black and Decker LE750, so it is undoubtedly a versatile tool. This adjustment can be made quickly and efficiently so that you can just get on with the job.


This is a corded electric lawn edger, which makes it ideal for small and large lawns. If you are working in a small area, the electric edger is an excellent choice since you will be close to the power point. In contrast, provided that you have a long extension cord, working on larger gardens is a cinch thanks to the continuous power.

The Black and Decker edger trimmer runs on a 12amp motor that delivers an impressive amount of power. It is widely accepted that gas wheeled edger tools are more powerful, but modern electric edger trimmers rival this well.

This is a high-torque machine, and the blades spin at an impressive 4700rpm, which means it will make light work of even the most challenging tasks.

The Black and Decker edger LE750 boasts 2.¼ horsepower, which is up there with some of the most powerful tools on the market.


You might not be expecting much from an electric grass trimmer, but this Black and Decker lawn edger might surprise you. If you need a machine that has the ability to cut through overgrown areas of the garden while at the same time being able to get into tight spaces, then you will love this piece of equipment.

As we have already discovered, it features a robust steel blade that spins at 4700rpm – this is more than some of the most potent gas lawn edger trimmers on the market.


black and decker electric lawn edgerThere is very little point in investing in a trimmer and edger that is difficult to use, and while much of the focus is placed on how the machine performs, it is vital to take user-friendliness into account.

The LE750 edger has so many features that make it easy to use that it is little wonder that so many people are raving about it. One of the key features we are talking about here is how easy it is to adjust the various parts of the machine.

The blade depth adjustment can be easily changed, giving you far greater control over the cut. Some edgers do not have this feature, making them far less versatile than most homeowners would like.

Furthermore, this is a very comfortable tool to use; the handle is fully adjustable and has been designed with both left and right-handed people in mind, turn it whichever way feels right to you. The trigger start is located on the handle, making this very easy to get going, and once the trigger is released, the motor will stop; you can feel confident that this is a safe tool to use on top of everything else.

To convert the Black and Decker LE750 edger to a trencher, all it takes is to simply pull up the edger guide, and you can move on to your next job – there aren’t many tools that are as user-friendly as this, even if you have never used an edger tool before. What’s more, there is no tricky assembly required; you can pretty much take it out of the box, plug it in, and get started.

There is also a handy cord retention feature and cord lock, which is imperative to avoid unwanted unplugging. The handy front wheel means that this is an extremely easy piece of equipment to maneuver.

What are The Pros and Cons of the Black and Decker LE750 Edger?

In the main, this is a very good piece of equipment that has a lot going for it. You might consider the following pros;

However, as with anything, there are some things that could serve as a disadvantage with this grass edger.

Who Should Buy This Edger?

The Black and Decker is, in our opinion, up there to become the best electric trimmer edger, and this is mostly down to how easy it is to use. If you are new to edgers, then this is a great place to start thanks to the out-of-the-box user-friendliness and the range of features that make this straightforward to get to grips with.

This would also be a good edger for those with a medium-sized lawn who want uninterrupted power that cannot be obtained from a battery-powered edger.


The Black and Decker grass edger is a nifty electric lawn edger with a difference; unlike some corded edgers, this one has an incredible amount of power and provides a 2 1 function not to be messed with.

It is simple and easy to use and easily rivals a more traditional type of lawn edger with its 4700rpm and 12amp motor.

There is little doubt in our minds that this is one of the most impressive electric edgers out there, and it’s affordable too!

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