best weed eater leg protectors

The Best Weed Eater Leg Protectors of 2022

best weed eater leg protectorsWeed eaters are an essential tool for anyone who maintains a home or property. Generally most weed eaters and grass edgers are easy to set up and operate, however, users need to be careful when using these power tools as they can be very dangerous.

You might not have realized that any harm can come from using a weed eater, but the debris that a weed eater flings can cut your skin and even give you bruises.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some the best weed eater leg protectors and weed eater chaps on the market as well as showing you some important buying tips.

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Material Adjustable Protection Type Rating
ComfortTrim best weed eater leg protectors ComfortTrim Leg Guards Mesh Yes Below Knee
forestor gaiters best weed eater shin guards Forester Trimmer Brush Gaiters Flexible Plastic Yes Below Knee
shinegro best weed eater shin guards Shinegro Protective Shin Guard Leather Yes Full Leg Protection
tecomec best weed eater leg protectors Tecomec Leg Protective Shin Guards Polyethylene Outer Shell Yes Full Leg Protection
forestor best weed eater leg protectors Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps Kevlar Fiber No Apron Style

Once you have considered the above factors, you will be ready to look for a pair of leg protectors, but it is vital that you do not merely go for the first one you come across.

We have spent some time researching leg protectors that we think you will love.

1. ComfortTrim Leg Guards

ComfortTrim best weed eater shin guardsComfortTrim Leg Guards are the most lightweight weed eater leg protector option available on the market. They are made of a mesh material that not only gives your legs the protection they need, but also keeps you clean, cool and comfortable when trimming your lawn. They have a 1-inch comfort band which secures the string trimmer guard right below the kneecap and is the only thing that touches your skin.

It’s completely adjustable, durable, lightweight and has an easy to clean design which makes this an extremely user-friendly product. They are designed and made by an American company and easily slip on whether you wear pants or shorts.

2. Forester Trimmer Brush Gaiters

forestor gaiters best weed eater shin guardsForester are synonymous with their quality and the Forester Trimmer Brush Gaiters shows this perfectly. They’re made with a flexible plastic material and are perfect if you’re going to be doing some serious trimming. Not only do they have Velcro straps for an easy on and off capability, but they’re also made of a water repellent material if you ever do decide to cut the grass when it’s wet.

The protection these leg protectors provide cannot be rivalled as they also provide foot protection by extending down to the edge of your shoe. Forester brush gaiters are known for their durability but also take the overall comfort into consideration with this lightweight model.

3. Shinegro Protective Shin Guards

shinegro best weed eater shin guardsIf you’re a serious landscaper then you should look no further than the Shinegro weed wacker shin guards. The front face is made of a hard leather that makes sure flying debris will make no harm to your legs. The three separate parts of hard leather not only provides full protection by covering your knee, shin and foot but also gives you a good range of motion when cutting.

The inside material is made with a comfortable non-woven wrapping sponge which provides lightweight comfort and ventilation. These weed eater shin guards have four quick release snap buckles that are not only adjustable, but are easy to take on and off.

4. Tecomec Leg Protective Shin Guards

tecomec best weed eater leg protectorIf you’re looking for a heavyweight option, you will be hard-pushed to find anything as suitable as the Tecomec weed eater leg protectors. They’re made of a polyethylene outer shell that covers the entire lower leg. Like other options, they have three separate parts and come with four adjustable snap buckles that give you the most freedom while also providing full protection.

With cushioned inside molds that contour the shape of your leg, these shin guards are comfortable, cool and lightweight. You can be confident that the Tecomec leg protectors will give you the ultimate leg protection whilst also providing comfort which means no job is too unsafe.

5. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

forestor best weed eater leg protectorsSlightly more versatile that the last Forester product on our list, the Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps are mainly intended for chainsaw operators. But they can also a viable weed eater shin protection option. These are the perfect option if you’re looking for a product to use with other home maintenance tasks around the house.

These durable weed eater chaps feature a large side pocket and flip adjustable belt that gives you the perfect fit. Not only are they oil and water-resistant but they also meet the Leg Protection Requirements for OSHA and ATSM Standards for chainsaw users. So you know you’re getting a highly protective product.

What’s more, this is an incredibly lightweight piece of clothing, so this will be great to use.

Weed Eater Safety Tips

What to Consider When Buying Weed Eater Leg Protectors

Before you decide on a weed eater shin guard, it is crucial to think about a few things to ensure you choose the right equipment for you.


The main purpose of weed eater shin guards is to give you the most protection from flying debris such as stones, sticks, wire and dirt. So, you’ll want your leg protectors to made of a durable material to ensure the ultimate protection.

Most protectors are made of durable plastic, poly plastic or leather. Some more lightweight options are made of a mesh material which won’t give the best possible protection, however, they will be a lot more comfortable.


One Size Fits All

As we all come in different shapes and sizes it’s important to consider the type of weed eater protector and if it will fit you comfortably. Most shin guards for weed eating come with adjustable straps and are one size fits all. They generally come just below your knees with some options even protecting your kneecaps.



If you’re an avid handyman it might be a good idea to consider if you need shin guards for mowing, gardening and any other home maintenance task that may require leg protection. Some options are only suitable for weed eating but there are others on the market that can double up as chainsaw shin guards.


Easy-on and Easy-off

Some string trimmer shin guards have multiple buckles behind the leg which allow them to be taken on and off efficiently. This is ideal if you only need them on for a short amount of time before doing any other type of gardening work. Some other options on the market only have an opening and need to be put on and off through the bottom of your foot. This might mean needing to take off shoes or boots depending on the size of your foot.


Leg protectors are an excellent addition for any gardener or landscaper and will provide them with the ultimate protection when operating a weed eater or lawn edger. There are various types of options available and choosing the right one that suits your needs can make or break the level of protection you get.

Our picks of the best weed eater leg protectors gives you an insight into some of the best options on the market and will help you decide on the perfect option for your leg protection needs.

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