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What is the Easiest Grass Edger to Use?

easiest grass edger to use pinEdging your lawn can be done in a variety of different ways; whether you like the power of the gas edger or something a little more traditional like a manual lawn edger, the choices are vast.

The type of grass edger that you find easiest to use will largely depend on your personal preference and other factors like your access to a power source, the size of your garden and how much time you have to complete the job.

In this article, we are going to be looking at which is the easiest yard trimmer to use and introducing you to some incredible products that will make finding an edger for lawn care more straightforward than ever.

As we have touched upon, yard edger tools come in a huge variety of forms; however, in the main, there are four types of lawn edger trimmers; gas-powered, the battery-powered lawn edger, corded garden edger tools and manual grass edgers.

Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks, and depending on what you need from your garden, tools will depend on the type that is best for you.

If you want a robust piece of equipment that offers superior power, then you would go for a gas-powered edger trimmer. In contrast, if you have a small garden that does not require such a bulky and complicated device, a manual grass edger would work well.

Corded edgers are great, but they can be difficult to use because of the power cable. This means that you will be limited on where you can use the tool and may require the addition of an extension cable, which could pose a tripping hazard.

The gas sidewalk edger, whilst powerful can take some getting used to, and this is because of the nature of the device. They require a lot more maintenance and can be challenging to start, especially if they do not have a quick-start function like some of the more modern petrol-powered sidewalk trimmers. Furthermore, gas lawn edger tools are far heavier and can be difficult to move around the garden.

It would stand to reason then that a battery-operated edger or a manual device would be far easier to use – and this is correct.

For the purposes of finding out what is the easiest grass edger to use, we will focus on these two types.

Manual Lawn Edgers

The manual lawn edger comes in two forms; a half-moon edger and a rolling edger. The latter features a rolling wheel with spikes on a long handle which can be rolled along the lawn edge to create a boundary between it, and whatever lies alongside it.

In contrast, the half-moon edger features a long handle with a semi-circular blade on the end. This is placed onto the ground where the edge is to be made, and the user will place his or her foot onto the blade and push it into the ground.

Owing to the lack of power, these are the easiest types of edgers to use, but it is essential to remember that they do require a certain amount of physical strength and stamina to use. For this reason, they may be better suited to a smaller outdoor space.

Furthermore, because they do not need power, you are not relying on having access to a power point, unlike the corded models. Even with gas or battery power, you will need to make sure that you have fuel or that the batteries are charged. This problem is totally eliminated with a manual lawn edger.

These tools are also very lightweight and portable, so it might be ideal for use in the allotment or anywhere else that you need tools that can be easily transported.

Moreover, their smaller size means that they can be easily stored away between uses.

Best Manual Lawn Edgers

There are hundreds of manual lawn edgers out there and finding the right one might take some time. But to help you out, we have listed two of our favourite manual lawn edgers that we know you will love.

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Type Length Weight Rating
truper manual lawn edger Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger Rotary Edger 57-inches 3.83 lbs
radius garden manual edger Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Edger Spade Edger 40-inches 3.64 lbs

Radius Garden 25602 Carbon Steel Lawn Edger

radius garden manual edgerIf the bright design of this lawn weedeater edger doesn’t catch your eye, then the wealth of incredible features certainly might.

This grass edger trimmer is made from durable carbon steel which not only makes the tool strong but is also extremely lightweight and comfortable to use. This is also in thanks to the padded handle and the elevated foot step.

The blade has been designed for precision, and it has never been easier to create neat and crisp boundaries that will be the envy of your neighbours!

Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Edger

truper manual lawn edgerUsing a rotary edger might be better if you are unable to exert the physical strength required to step on a half-moon design; these tools can simply be pushed along and pressured into the ground with their spiked wheels.

This one features a long handle which will help you to prevent bending over and hurting your back. The handle is made from beautiful American ash that is strong and durable. The blades have been crafted from the finest steel which is long-lasting and more than up to the challenge of even tough ground.

Battery Lawn Edgers

The battery lawn edger is excellent if you want something powered but do not want the hassle of the gas lawn edger or the inconvenience of a corded trimmer. You could be forgiven for thinking that these devices do not offer an adequate level of power thanks to the batteries. Still, most modern tools are comparable to other devices and are perfectly adept at creating a precise and neat boundary.

They are easy to use thanks to the wealth of features that many of them come with, and this includes a multi-function use. Some people might confuse the string trimmer vs edger, but the good news is that this isn’t much of an issue since a lot of battery-powered edger tools will quickly convert into a weed eater – allowing you to tackle more than one job with the same tool.

It is as simple as popping the battery on charge, waiting for it to fill up and then getting to work with the edger tool. You will find them very lightweight, especially compared to a gas edger and they are often easy to store in the garden shed when you aren’t using them.

Best Battery Edgers

Battery edgers are becoming more and more popular thanks to their convenience and ease of use. There are many out there, but we have narrowed it down to two of the best battery edgers available.

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Battery Size Cutting Diameter Speed Control Weight Rating
ryobi grass edger Ryobi One + 18V 9-inch Blade 4 position adjustable depth 9.98 lbs
ego power battery edger EGO Power + 56V 8-inch Blade 3-inch cutting depth 16 lbs

Ryobi One +

ryobi grass edgerRyobi is well known for its high-quality power tools, and this edger certainly demonstrates that. One of the most impressive things is that it comes with a power shareable battery that can be used across the Ryobi range, so if you already use a lot of their equipment, this is very handy. What’s more, the 18V lithium-ion battery takes just an hour to recharge.

It boasts four depth positions that are easily adjustable and a long ergonomic handle that gives you an incredibly comfortable user experience. The serrated blade will cut through ground effortlessly, delivering perfect results every time.

EGO Power +

ego power battery edgerThis sleek-looking tool does far more than look good in the garden shed; it offers superior power that is only rivalled by its petrol counterparts.

It will cut up to a depth of 3 inches which is fantastic for most domestic applications, but one of the most notable things is that there are several other heads that will work with this edger. So if you need to trim the grass, blow away leaves or anything else, there will be an attachment for you. We mentioned the confusion between an edger vs trimmer but that no longer matters with this versatile piece of equipment.

The batteries can be used across the range, and this adds to the convenience of this tool, and when we talk about being easy to use; this tool epitomises that. All the attachments and adjustments can be done quickly and without any prior knowledge!


The type of grass edger that you find easiest to use will vastly depend on a number of factors; namely the size of the lawn, your access to power, how you use the edger and what you prefer to use. However, in the main, battery and manual lawn edgers are far easier to operate and have far fewer complications than those that are powered by gas or mains electricity.

Choosing the right lawn edger for you doesn’t need to induce a headache; we have sourced some of the best products on the market that are easy to use and super-efficient.

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