why does my lawnmower backfire

Why Does my Lawnmower Backfire? – SOLVED

If your lawnmower has ever backfired, you will be familiar with how loud and quite frankly, scary this can be. But this is, unfortunately, something that happens with a lot of garden tools over time. When you first purchase your lawnmower, it will likely give you a smooth operation and very few problems. The issue […]

how long do lawnmowers last

How Many Hours Does a Lawnmower Engine Last?

Lawnmowers can be a significant investment to your tool shed. They come in a variety of models and levels of quality. Knowing how long should a lawnmower last along with It’s engine lifespan is an important factor that will help you make the right purchase decision. In this article, we’ve outlined all of the factors […]

edger vs string trimmer

Edger vs Trimmer: What is the Difference Between an Edger and a String Trimmer?

There are many tools that can be used in the garden, and some of these can appear to be very similar to one another at first glance. But when we look a little closer, it is not difficult to see how these tools are intended for vastly different uses. A lot of people want to […]