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How Deep do Lawn Edgers go?

how deep do grass edgers go pin Edging your lawn gives it a polished look and can go a long way in helping keep your grass healthy. Your personal preference will depend on how deeply you wish your grass edger tool to go, but not everyone is sure on how deep lawn edgers can penetrate.

In this article, we will be looking at the difference in depth according to the various types of lawn edgers and giving you an insight into which model might be best for your needs.

The type of edger tool that you are using will play a part in how deep you can go, but in the main, these handy garden tools penetrate around two inches into the ground.

That being said, there are grass edge cutters that can dig down to between three and five inches. In this case, you should also keep in mind that when digging at an angle, you may be able to push it to eight inches.

Furthermore, the type of lawn edge trimmer you use will have an impact on how deep the tool will go.

best gas lawn edger Trimmer and edger tools come in a variety of forms and which you prefer will be based on a number of factors. Much of this choice comes down to the size of the lawn and your preferences.

Where depth is concerned, each of these tools are perfectly able to dig a good-sized edge, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Manual Edgers

Manual garden edger tools feature a rounded or rotary blade on a long stick and are operated using the strength and movement of the user.

Walking lawn edgers can penetrate down to an average depth of around 2-inches which is sometimes less than their rounded counterparts. This type of steel bladed edger is usually able to dig a little deeper.

The reason for this is that the user will step onto the tool and push it down into the ground using his or her strength, whereas a manual rotary blade can only go down to a specific depth.

Rotary blades come in various sizes and will only dig in accordance with this. Therefore, if you are looking for a deeper cut, you should opt for a larger blade.

Powered Lawn Edgers

One of the most common and useful types of lawn edgers are powered by either gas, batteries or mains electric. These are usually more efficient since they have the advantage of additional power.

The depth of these curb edgers varies greatly, and on average they will go slightly deeper than a manual tool. There are many good edgers on the market that exceed the average depth; these include the Worx edger that has an impressive cutting diameter of 30cm/12-inches.

Things To Consider

For many gardeners, edging the lawn is not a job that needs to be done after every mow; however, you must take a look at the edges each time you are working in the garden to get an idea of when they may need doing next.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a lawn edger, the depth that you want it to go is one.


lawn edger blade Alternatively, you may wish to replace your trimmer and edger blades when you notice that the performance has dwindled. If your grass edge cutter isn’t digging as deeply as it did when it was new, it could be time to replace the blade. Furthermore, as you use your edger, the blade may become smaller, and this has a direct impact on the depth it is able to reach. Many edgers come with interchangeable blades, and some experts suggest that these should last around one season before dulling.

Key Takeaway

The type of lawn edger that you use will impact the depth of the cut, in the main, powered edgers have more ability than their manual counterparts but both tools are a great addition to your gardening tool arsenal.

You can expect a standard edger to penetrate the ground anywhere between two and five inches, but this can vary greatly, especially with more powerful models. However, in the main, the needs of your garden and how you like it to look will determine the right depth for you.

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