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How Much Does A Lawn Mower Weigh?

Mowing the lawn can be a strenuous task especially when the equipment you are using is very heavy. It’s true that different types of mower weigh different amounts but when thinking about how much does a mower weigh you’ll need to ensure that you are able to handle the equipment you choose.

For people with a larger lawn, a more powerful and robust mower may be needed but this does mean that the machine will be heavier. Let’s explore what to expect in terms of lawn mower weight when using different types of equipment.

A push lawn mower is not able to propel itself and so relies on the strength and motion of the user to move around the lawn. There are various types of power including battery, gas and corded mowers and these are a common choice for people with small or medium-sized lawns.

When it comes to using a push mower, this is where weight is of great importance. If you choose something that is too heavy for you, then you’ll struggle to use it effectively, at least without hurting yourself or wearing yourself out. Moreover, if you use a lighter mower that you can handle, the quality of the cut will be much better as you will have greater control over the tool. That said, it is important to look at other features as well as weight to find a good push lawn mower.

There are some very lightweight models that are as little as 30lbs, these may be good for older people or those with limited strength. On the other end of the scale, some of the more high-powered machines may weigh in excess of 100lbs. Typically, gas powered mowers are the heaviest with corded electric models being the most lightweight. Cordless push mowers are considerably lighter than their gas counterparts but owing to the addition of the battery, aren’t as light as eclectic models.

One of the most attractive things about push mowers is that they are far less expensive than a riding model. Plus they’re much more low maintenance. Their small size means that you can store them in a regular outhouse or garden shed without much of an issue. Even if the space is very limited, things like folding handles make life much easier.

How Much Does a Riding Lawn Mower Weigh?

If you’re considering something a little more heavy duty then you may have asked yourself ‘how much does a riding mower weigh?’ These mowers are designed to have the user sit on them and are much larger and heavier than push mowers. While they can be used for larger domestic properties, you’ll typically see them being used in a commercial capacity.

The truth is that riding lawn mower weight isn’t as much of an issue. The only time that you’ll really need to worry about it is if you will regularly transport the mower on a vehicle. But these machines are pretty heavy and can weigh anywhere between 300 and 600lbs, on average. This is largely owing to the engine and sizable deck.

The good thing about these mowers is that they are much more efficient when it comes to mowing a big lawn and will make the job much faster. Moreover, they’ll cover a larger area than a standard gas mower without the need to refuel as often.

Where weight is concerned, these mowers need to be heavier as this will improve their stability making them safer to use.

How Much Does a Zero Turn Mower Weigh?

A zero turn mower is similar to a riding mower but has improved maneuverability. When they turn on the spot, they can do so on their own footprint allowing them to mow in tight spaces.

However, this does mean that a more complex design is required so the mower will naturally be heavier with some weighing in at more than 1000lbs. The lightest zero turn mowers are around 650lbs which is still significantly more than a regular riding mower. It’s also important to keep in mind that these mowers are typically a lot more expensive.

Final Thoughts

If you have been considering getting a new mower, you’ll have mulled over several different features. One thing you may have asked yourself is ‘how much does a lawn mower weigh?’ Depending on the type of mower you choose, it may be heavy or light. Riding mowers, particularly zero turn mowers can be very heavy but since you don’t need to pick them up, the weight is largely irrelevant.

Push mowers can vary in weight according to the type and build but it is important to take the weight of the mower into consideration to ensure you are comfortably able to use it.

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