how much is my lawn mower worth

How Much Is My Lawn Mower Worth (Prices Included)

If you have a lawn mower that you’re looking to sell then you’ll want to know the right lawn mower value so you can get the right price for it. Similarly, if you’re in the market to buy a new or used lawn mower then it’s really important to know what to expect to pay.

In reality, there could be two lawn mowers of exactly the same brand and model that have different values. This is because, when we ask what’s my lawn mower worth, the answer is not solely based on the brand or model but also the condition, age and several other factors.

But to simplify things, we have put together this guide on used lawn mower values to help you figure out exactly what your lawn mower is worth. Let’s get started.

Putting a price on a used lawn mower can be incredibly difficult because there are so many things that can affect its value. For example, you could have a rusty old mower that struggles to start; someone would pay minimum for this compared to what they might pay for a used mower that’s just a couple of months old and in perfect working order.

Generally speaking, a used lawn mower will have a value between $60 and $150 dollars but the variation on this is massive.

You could look at several different used lawn mower ads online and see a very stark difference where price is concerned. The price normally depends on several mitigating factors which can include things like age, appearance, conditions and even where the lawn mower is located.

If you are looking to buy or sell a push or riding lawn mower then you are going to have to consider the following things.

Mower Age

When someone is looking to buy a used lawn mower, one of the first things they’re going to consider is how old it is. This is a great place to start when determining value and you’ll typically put the age into one of two categories:

  • One to seven years old
  • More than seven years old

The reason for this is that most lawn mowers have an expected lifespan of around seven years. If you’re buying something older than this, there is a chance that it won’t last much longer. Where mowers are more than seven years old, you’ll need to research the current market value of that model.

However, for mowers that are under seven years old, you can source the MSRP and use Google to search the current value of that model.

lawn mower age

Decrease Rate Per Year

Just like your car, the value of your lawn mower is going to depreciate over time. This happens each year so it’s worth considering how much it has dropped in value before you decide how much to sell it for.

Since the normal lifespan of a lawn mower is around seven years, you could argue that the depreciation rate is around 14.79%; this is based on dividing 100 by 7. However, there are some that would argue that the annual depreciation rate for a lawn mower is around 10%.

When a riding lawn mower is seven years old, one would consider it to be completely depreciated. At least, for tax purposes. The cost at which it will now sell depends largely on customer demand and the condition of the machine. You could use the MSRP in order to get a better idea of the current value of that model.

If you own a commercial machine or a high end riding mowing then these models are designed to last and so tend to retain their value for much longer. This is why it is important to consider the class of the lawn mower when giving it a value.


One of the most important things you’re going to have to consider when it comes to pricing your lawn mower is its condition. Nobody is going to pay over the odds for a mower that doesn’t work well or has broken parts, regardless of any other factor.

There are several categories that your lawn mower might fall into where its condition is concerned. These are as follows:

  • Mowers in excellent condition have rarely been used and have an almost new condition. They are well maintained and do not have any need for repairs. When buying a used lawn mower, it’s quite rare to find one that’s in excellent condition.
  • Some mowers are considered to be in above average condition which means that there are only a few minor issues related to appearance. There won’t be any mechanical problems and the mower will be in a very good state of repair.
  • Mowers that are in average condition work well in relation to their age and use. They usually have very few mechanical problems and run very well. There could be some small cosmetic issues but nothing too serious.
  • Below average condition means that a lawn mower still works well but is in need of a few minor repairs. There could be some minor cosmetic damage and while the mower has been generally well maintained, it’ll probably need some work. This is the most common condition for used lawn mowers.
  • Lawn mowers that are in poor condition will work well but have a more moderate need for repair work. This could be both cosmetic and mechanical.
  • Finally, there are lawn mowers that are in rough condition and need a significant amount of mechanical and cosmetic work before they will be running at their best. This is typically caused by a lack of maintenance.


The final thing that can have an impact on the value of a used lawn mower is the availability. Lawn mowers that are more widely available will sell for a lower price. Whereas those that are more difficult to come by can sell for much higher.

Check Out The Used Market

We are fortunate enough to have a wide range of lawn mowers available on a plethora of different platforms. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, you can still use these platforms to get a good idea of how much your lawn mower is worth.

Look at things like Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree to see what other people are selling their lawn mowers for in your area. You can then base your price on this.

Different Brand Values

As with anything, there are some lawn mower brands that are markedly better than others. This means that the base value of these lawn mowers will almost always be higher. That said, there are huge differences based on the condition of the mower so it would be impossible to give an exact lawn mower value for any brand.

With that in mind, we can look at what various brands are currently selling for. Below you will find information on the used lawn mower values for some of the most well known brands.


Toro is a reputable lawn mower brand and if you have one that’s in decent condition, you might be able to sell it for anywhere between $60 and $150. You will need to consider the age and appearance as well as the condition of the mower to determine a more accurate price.


Just like Toro lawn mowers, Snapper mowers might fetch anything between $60 and $150 on the second hand market. However, there are some examples of Snapper mowers that have sold for more than $1000 if the condition is spot on and you’re looking at a newer model.


The price of a used Exmark mower will be affected by the factors we have discussed in this guide. However, all it takes is a look at some of the best used Exmark mowers to see that you could get up to and in excess of $4000 for a good quality Exmark riding mower.


Honda is a reliable brand of lawn mower and there are examples of these used mowers selling for between $600 and $800 when they are kept in good condition.


If you are selling a Craftsman riding lawn mower then you might get as little as $300 if it is in reasonable condition. But if you’ve looked after the machine well then it could fetch as much as double this on the second hand market.


There is quite a demand for Walker zero turn and riding mowers with some selling in the thousands. However, this all depends on the condition, location and availability and some are only selling for a few hundred dollars.

John Deere

John Deere is perhaps one of the most recognizable lawn mower brands and for a used riding mower, you could be lucky enough to get around $2000 for yours. Again, this will largely depend on the condition of the mower, its age and other factors.


If you are selling a used Troy Bilt riding mower then there are reports of those in excellent condition selling for around $700. Of course, as with any other type of lawn mower, this is going to vary according to the factors we have discussed here.


husqvarna lawn mower

The variation in price for Husqvarna lawn mowers is incredible. There are some that barely make double figures, while others are selling for much closer to $1000. You must determine the condition, appearance, and age of the mower to get a better idea of what it might be worth.

How Much Is My Push Lawn Mower Worth?

If you are looking to sell an old push lawn mower then you can’t expect to receive a lot for it. Normally, they will sell for between $60 and $150 dollars depending on all of the factors we have discussed in this guide.

How Much Is My Riding Lawn Mower Worth?

Riding mowers are naturally going to fetch more than their walk behind counterparts. But again, the price you can sell your for will vary immensely depending on things like condition, age, model, location and much more.

There are some riding lawn mowers that are only selling for a couple of hundred dollars but I have also seen some zero turn mowers selling for an eye watering $16,000. This will all depend on how good the mower is and how rare it is.

Final Thoughts

Selling a lawn mower could stand to make you a handsome sum but different lawn mowers will sell at different prices. There are a lot of things that can affect the value of a second hand lawn mower such as its appearance, condition, age, and how readily available the model is.

Be sure to perform a lot of research when valuing a used lawn mower and check out other local sales for a better idea.

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