jack up a zero turn mower

How To Jack Up A Zero Turn Mower

If you have a larger lawn then you may choose a zero turn mower to make life easier when it comes to cutting and maintenance. These mowers are the largest type of lawn mower and come with a cutting deck at the front which can turn on its own axis. The benefit of this is that there are no unsightly marks left behind so your lawn looks perfect.

However, since these mowers are so big and heavy, lifting them can prove to be a challenge. But if you need to service the mower or change the blades, you’re going to need to lift it which may leave you wondering how to jack up a zero turn mower.

You’ll need to make sure that you find a level surface on which to park the mower and use the jack lever to set the mower to its highest position. You can then use a jack to lift the mower a couple of feet so you can perform the necessary maintenance.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to safely lift zero turn mowers and get that servicing done.

Here comes our easy step by step guide on lifting your zero turn lawn mower

1. Park the Mower

Start by parking your zero turn mower on level ground. Make sure that you turn off the ignition and remove the key. Not doing this could result in an accidental start up and some pretty horrific injuries so it’s not worth the risk.

Also ensure that the parking brake is engaged; you don’t want the mower moving while you’re trying to work on it.

2. Raise The Mower Deck

Now that you have parked your zero turn mower, it’s time to raise the mower deck. You will need to bring it to its highest setting and you’ll find a deck lift lever which can be pulled back to adjust the height.

When you have raised the lawn mower deck, you should now be able to slide your jack underneath the front part of the deck. When you do this, be sure to place it as centrally as possible as this will equal better weight distribution.

raise the jack of mower

3. Raise The Jack

Now that your zero turn mower jack is in position, you will need to lift the jack to allow yourself space to access the underside of the mower. Generally speaking, raising the jack around two feet off of the ground should be sufficient.

Make sure to slide the jack stands under either side of the deck before lowering the jack so that the mower comes to rest on the stands. Before proceeding, just take a few moments to make sure that everything is super secure.

4. Work On Your Mower

It’s not time to work on your zero turn mower and perform whatever maintenance you need to. What you’re doing probably isn’t going to be a challenging task but you still need to ensure that you complete the work safely.

Doing this will ensure that you don’t sustain an injury and that no harm comes to you mower. Take your time and if you’re ever unsure then don’t be afraid to call in the pros. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Types Of Jacks For Your Zero Turn Mower

You have paid a lot of money for your zero turn mower and it’s not a tool that you’re going to want to have to replace in the near future. But using incorrect lifting methods such as wood or concrete blocks could lead to damage as they’re simply not stable enough.

Part of owning a zero turn mower is choosing appropriate complimentary equipment for maintenance and a good jack is one such example of this.

There are four different choices of zero turn mower jacks so think carefully about which one will work best for you.

Pneumatic Lift

Pneumatic simply means something that uses air and in the case of a pneumatic lift this refers to the powerlifting system which is controlled with air. What’s great about this option is that it requires hardly any effort from the user and offers a smooth way to lift the mower. Moreover, you won’t end up paying over the odds for this type of lift. 

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic lifts require you to operate a foot pedal to get the lift moving. While you will need to put more effort into it, you have to consider that you have greater control over the lift. Just like the pneumatic lift, the hydraulic lift offers smooth operation.

hydraulic lift jack

Drill-Turned Lift

If you want to use a drill turned lift, you will need a drill to operate it; as its name suggests. However, it is also possible to operate the lift using levers for those that don’t have a drill.

drill-turned lift jack

Scissor-Action Lift

If you aren’t looking to break the bank when buying a zero turn mower lift then you might consider a scissor-action lift. These are not only affordable but they’re also incredibly simple to use as well. You operate them using a hand lever and they’re incredibly common so you’ve probably seen them in many situations. However, you should keep in mind that a lot of scissor-action lifts have a lower weight capacity so may not be suitable for your zero turn mower; check this before using one to make sure it’s compatible and safe. If not, select another option.

Checking The Weight Capacity Of The Jack

If you use a zero turn mower jack that isn’t compatible with the weight of your mower then you’re just asking for trouble. If the jack cannot take the weight, it could buckle and a very unpleasant accident could ensue.

But what confuses a lot of people when choosing a jack for their zero turn mower is that they don’t actually have to take into account the entire weight of the mower. You’re only going to be lifting the front end so typically, you’d choose something that can handle half the weight of the mower. For example, if your zero turn mower weighs 800lbs then you would only need a jack with a weight limit of 400lbs.

Which you go for will largely depend on your machine. If you’re using a commercial zero turn mower then you’ll want something with a weight limit over 500lbs but for general domestic products, anything between 300lbs and 500lbs will usually be suitable.

Can You Use A Floor Jack To Lift A Zero Turn Mower?

Floor jacks feature horizontal pistons as well as a long arm that is used to provide the vertical movement required to lift and item. These are heavy duty jacks that are often found in places like car garages and they are designed to lift a serious amount of weight. Provided that the floor jack you are looking to use is compatible with the weight of your zero turn mower, it will be OK to use.

Can You Use A Car Jack To Lift A Zero Turn Mower?

If you have a traditional car jack then it can be tempting to use this as a zero turn mower jack. However, these tools are not designed to lift zero turn mowers so it’s best to avoid using them where possible.

Final Thoughts

A zero turn mower is an extremely efficient and useful way of keeping your lawn tidy. However, they’re also incredibly large and heavy so when it comes to working on them, you need a safe way to lift the mower.

If you’ve wondered how to jack up a zero turn mower then this guide is for you. Consider your choices when it comes to zero turn mower jacks and make sure you use the right method for jacking up the mower as this will ensure your safety and that of your tool.

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