Type Of Oil Should You Use In A Husqvarna Lawn Mower

What Type Of Oil Should You Use In A Husqvarna Lawn Mower?

Husqvarna is one of the most well respected lawn mower brands out there and they make a wide range of mowers from gas to electric. If you’re using one of the gas powered models, you may wonder what oil to use in a Husqvarna lawn mower.

10W30 is the recommended oil type for a Husqvarna lawn mower. This is a full synthetic oil which will protect the engine against wear and will ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

There’s a few more things that you’ll need to know when it comes to choosing oil for Husqvarna mowers and this guide will fill you in on all the most important details.

Husqvarna recommends using a 10W30 oil and this refers to the weight of the oil which is considered, by the brand, to be best for its lawn mowers.

The viscosity of this particular oil is ideal for use in warmer weather and is versatile enough to be used in both diesel and gas engines. Moreover, unlike other types of oil, 10W30 won’t thin out much when there is a change in the temperature.

What this means for you and your mower is that getting it started, even in hot weather, won’t be much of an issue.

That said, the oil will also perform excellently when the weather is cold, better lubricating the internal parts especially when compared to some lighter oils.

What Type Of Engines Do Husqvarna Use In Their Mowers?

When you are using a Husqvarna riding mower, you may have asked yourself what oil for Husqvarna riding mower? Well, the good news is that you won’t need to use anything different as the riding mowers from this brand also require 10W30 oil. Just make sure that it has an API service class of SL or more.

You will typically need to change the oil in your Husqvarna riding mower after the first eight hours of operation.

Different Types Of Lawn Mower Oil

If you want the best performance out of your Husqvarna lawn mower then you will need to make sure that you always use the right oil. The problem is that there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing lawn mower oil.

Engine oil is designed to lubricate the internal components of a gas engine. There are some multipurpose oils that can be used in both gas and diesel engines so this is great if you have more than one gas powered tool.

You should also keep in mind that two stroke engines require a specific type of engine oil. In order to figure out which oil is best for your lawn mower, it’s a good idea to look through the owner’s manual. That said, here are some of the most common types of lawn mower oil for Husqvarna.

different types of lawn mower oil
  • Single grade oil doesn’t have any additives which could change the viscosity. This is normally used in hotter temperatures.
  • Multi grade oil does have additives in order to alter the viscosity making it perform better regardless of the temperature.
  • Synthetic blend oil brings together synthetic and normal oil that contains additives. This means that it will perform well in a range of temperatures but isn’t as expensive.
  • Full synthetic oil is a man made substance that is normally reserved for use in commercial engines.

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower Oil

There is a lot of debate over the best type of oil for a Husqvarna mower. Some people will tell you that you should only ever use small engine oil in a four cycle lawn mower but there are others that would argue this point. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the oil you can buy for trucks, cars and other larger vehicles is just as suitable for use in a small engine like you’d find on your Husqvarna mower.

However, this largely only applies to four stroke engines. If you have a two stroke Husqvarna lawn mower then you’ll need to look for a specially made two stroke oil for an air-cooled engine. Things that you might use in a weed eater, chainsaw or other gas powered tool will work well.

Here are some common oil types to choose between.

  • SAE 30 Oil is ideal if you’ll be using the lawn mower in a warm climate
  • SAE 5w-30 synthetic oil is a good choice if you want a man made oil that can be used in both warm and cool temperatures.
  • 10W30 synthetic oil is particularly good if you live in a colder climate.
  • 15W-50 synthetic oil is usually only used for commercial engines and is much more high end.

How Often To Check Lawn Mower Oil?

Since two stroke mowers mix oil in with their fuel, you won’t need to check this regularly as you’ll change it as often as you replace the fuel. Make sure that, when you mix your fuel and oil together, you use an empty can and fill it up at the gas station. Shake the can well to combine everything together.

When you’re using a four stroke engine, it is best to check the oil level before every use. However, while this might not always need changing, you should change it after the first five hours of use for a brand new engine.

This is because the parts are more likely to wear during the first hours of use and this releases small particles of metal into the oil that can affect the internal components if they aren’t removed.

With riding mowers, you’ll generally need to change the mower oil for every 100 hours of use or once a mowing season. For walk behind mowers, you will need to check and change the oil more regularly, around every 50 hours of use or once every mowing season.

How To Check The Oil On Your Husqvarna Mower

On your Husqvarna lawn mower, there will be a cap that covers the opening where you pour oil in. Remove this and slowly pull it out. You’ll then need to turn the dipstick horizontal to avoid any oil dripping everywhere. Then look at where the oil is on the stick. If it’s lower down, this tells you that the oil is running low and you need to change it.

How To Change Lawn Mower Oil

If you have determined that you need to change the oil in your lawn mower then you will first need to make sure that the machine has fully cooled down. Also ensure that you remove the spark plug wire.

You can now take the cap off the oil hole; you’ll need to use a funnel to pour the new oil in as this will prevent spillages. Be very careful not to allow any oil to drip onto the engine or any other parts of the mower and when you’re done, you can replace the cap and reconnect the spark plug wire.

Start up the engine and allow it to run for several minutes as this will let the new oil move through the system. Now you can turn off the engine and check the oil level to ensure there aren’t any leaks.

Final Thoughts

Changing the oil in your Husqvarna mower is essential in making sure that all the internal parts are well lubricated. But a lot of new Husqvarna owners wonder what the best oil is for these machines.

Husqvarna recommends using a 10W30 oil which is a synthetic oil designed to work well in warm temperatures as well as cold. This versatility also extends to the oil being able to be used in both gas and diesel engines.

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