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6 Reasons Why Your Makita Mower Won’t Start (SOLVED)

Makita tools are exceptionally efficient and a popular choice for domestic gardeners. While they may be largely reliable, there are times that a makita electric mower won’t start.

But don’t get yourself into a fluster. There are some common problems that might be causing this and by troubleshooting, you’ll likely get to the bottom of the issue.

This short guide talks about some of the most commonly seen problems when a Makita mower won’t start.

1. Faulty Power Supply

Sometimes, the problem might not necessarily be with the lawn mower itself. It could be that the power outlet you are using isn’t functioning as it should be. This means that anything you plug into it just won’t work.

How To Fix It

You should test the power outlet using another appliance. Something like a lamp or a radio works particularly well. Just plug it in and see if there are any issues. If the appliance works, then it’s likely a problem with the mower but if it doesn’t then it could be the power outlet.

In this case, you’ll want to switch to another power outlet and that should solve the problem.

2. Damaged Fuses or Circuit Breaker

Have you found that your Makita lawn mower fires up without any problems but then shuts off shortly after? If that is the case then it could be a problem with a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to cut the power in the event of a surge. This is an important safety feature that could save you from a nasty electric shock.

Sometimes, you might notice that other things in the house have stopped working which could suggest a deeper problem. Normally, if the lawn mower has tripped the circuit breakers in the house, this will shut off anything else connected to the same circuit.

The most common reason for this is when you are using an extension cable. You must make sure that you use one that is compatible with your lawn mower and able to handle the power requirements. If not, it’ll shut off.

How To Fix It

Similarly to the last fix, you will need to test the electrics in the home. Using the same power outlet, plug in another appliance and see if this also trips the fuse. If it doesn’t then you can be sure that the problem rests with your lawn mower.

On the other hand, the appliance may trip the circuit breakers and this indicates that there is a wider fault. You should never attempt to undertake electrical work by yourself and always hire the assistance of a professional electrician.

If the extension lead you are using isn’t able to handle the power requirements then switching to a new, more suitable cable will normally solve the issue.

3. Faulty Safety Mechanism

Many electric lawn mowers are fitted with safety mechanisms to prevent the lawn mower from being accidentally started up during maintenance or by a child.

This might be in the form of a key or a handle; some even have safety buttons. But whatever mechanism your Makita lawn mower has, you must make sure that it is fully engaged if you want the motor to start.

If the safety mechanism is engaged but the mower still won’t fire up , this might suggest that there is a fault with it.

makita safety pin

How To Fix It

If your lawn mower is still under warranty, then contact Makita who will arrange a repair or replacement for your machine. If it is out of warranty then you may need to find a specialist who can repair the safety mechanism for you.

Note that attempting to perform any repairs on a machine that is still under warranty could void this so it’s important not to try and fix it yourself.

4. Damaged Cord

Any damage to your electric Makita lawn mower may render it useless. There are a lot of internal parts that could sustain damage but these are generally more difficult to diagnose as you simply cannot see them.

However, if there is visible damage to the lawn mower cord, this could tell you the root of the problem.

Moreover, there are small wires and cables inside your lawn mower that can come loose or become damaged. When this happens, the mower won’t start, regardless of what you do.

How To Fix It

It’s essential to perform inspections of your lawn mower cable before every use. The great thing about electric lawn mowers is that they don’t need a huge amount of maintenance but getting into the habit of regularly checking it is one thing you will need to do.

Upon inspection, you may find visible damage to the power cord. In this case, you’re going to need to get a replacement. If you are in any way unsure of how to do this, take your lawn mower to a specialist who can safely fit a new cable.

Where internal cables are concerned, you will typically find that the issue is easily rectified by adjusted wires. They may have come loose or disconnected entirely so hooking them back up should solve your problems.

5. Damaged or Faulty Battery

A lot of Makita lawn mowers are now powered by batteries and this is great if you want something convenient, easy to use and eco friendly. However, these batteries do not last as long as the lawn mowers themselves. In fact, while a battery lawn mower could perform for up to a decade, you may need to replace its battery every three years.

Over time, you will notice that the battery loses its ability to hold charge. This is completely normal and can’t be avoided. The more you charge it, the more this happens.

Sometimes, a battery might be faulty from the off so it’s worth testing it to see if that is the problem.

makita lawn mower battery

How To Fix It

For the most part, a damaged or faulty lawn mower battery cannot be fixed. You will typically have to buy a new one but the good news is that these are widely available. Moreover, you may be able to powershare. For example, if you have a Makita 40v mower and other tools in the 40v range, you will be able to share batteries between tools.

Be sure to correctly store your batteries as this can impact their lifespan. Keep them in a dry environment and don’t expose them to extreme temperatures.

6. Broken Battery Charger

As well as your lawn mower batteries not lasting forever, you may have an issue with the battery charger.

If your batteries have charging lights on them, take a look at whether these change when you connect them to the charger. If they don’t, the problem could be a faulty charger.

How To Fix It

If you have a brand new Makita lawn mower with a charger that is faulty then you can simply return the product and get a new one. Note that the warranty on batteries and chargers usually isn’t as long as the warranty on the tool itself so check this when you purchase so that you know how long you’re covered for.

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