riding lawn mower storage ideas

Riding Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

If you’ve got a bigger lawn then a riding lawn mower is a no brainer. It’ll cut your mowing time in half and will save you the effort of having to lug a heavy gas mower around the garden. However, these are pretty decent sized tools and so a lot of owners are left wondering about riding lawn mower storage.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can protect your mower from the elements. In this guide, we’ll give you some great riding lawn mower storage ideas, some of which you may not yet have thought of.

A lot of people have small sheds in their backyards as they’re great for storing smaller garden items that you wouldn’t want inside the house. This might include potentially hazardous items like yard chemicals. But did you know that your riding lawn mower would be just as safe in there?

Of course, being such a large piece of equipment, it will encroach on the space so you won’t be able to store a lot of other stuff in there. But lawn mower sheds are perfect for keeping your riding mower out of wintry weather which is going to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Mid Sized Shed

If you have a lot of other garden equipment that you need to store then a small shed might not be right for you. Once the riding mower is in, you’ll be limited on space which is why many homeowners opt for a mid sized shed.

They’re not so large that they’ll take over your entire yard but they’re big enough that you’ll have enough space to store all of your equipment alongside your riding lawn mower.

You can purchase these sheds or start a DIY project which means you’ll be able to create it to exactly suit your needs. We would recommend using wood for your project as this is much more durable not to mention it looks nicer.

Using Your Garage

A lot of us have garages that we don’t use to their full capacity so why not turn it into something of a riding lawn mower shed or storage space? Plenty of people store their riding mowers in the garage and one of the main benefits is that it’s really secure.

You also have a lot more scope to customize the space to your needs. For example, if the riding mower is taking up floor space then you could install shelves and units for the rest of your items.

Lawn Mower Cover

lawn mower cover

Lawn mower covers are a fantastic option for people who don’t have an inside space to keep their riding mowers. These are waterproof covers so they’ll provide amazing protection from the elements.

The simplest designs are made from flexible fabrics and materials that act as something of a tarp to cover the mower. However, there are lawn mower sheds which are essentially plastic housing which can be erected anywhere in the garden and offer a safe space to store your riding mower.

Use A Fabric Tent

One of the things about some choices on this list, such as building a new shed, is that you’ll have to part with a significant amount of money. But using a fabric tent is a brilliant and smart way to store your riding lawn mower without breaking the bank.

You can put the tent up as and when you need it and take it down during the summer months if you can find a shady corner of the garden to keep your mower. Even when it’s in storage, it isn’t going to take up a lot of space so it’s great on all fronts.

Of course, if you are using the tent during winter, you should keep in mind that there’s a potential for it to blow away so you’ll need to make sure that it’s really secure.

Storing It Under Tarp

If you’re limited on space in your yard then erecting a new shed or garden building just to store your riding mower might not be possible. However, most of us will have a little corner or spot where we can park our riding mowers and something as simple as covering it with a tarp can offer great protection.

This is also an incredibly affordable method and when you’re done with it, the tarp can either be easily stored or used for other purposes.

Do keep in mind that some tarps are not designed for very heavy rainfall and in this case, you might need something a little more protective.

Keeping Under Your Patio

If you have a raised patio or deck then this can act as a roof to protect your riding lawn mower. It’ll be out of sight when you’re relaxing on your patio so you won’t need to worry about it being an eyesore.

One thing we would suggest, however, is coupling this method with something like a tarp or lawn mower cover as this will protect it from the rain while the patio will keep it concealed.

Finding Some Space Against The Wall

We’ve all got plenty of walls in our garden. Whether it’s the house walls, a freestanding boundary wall, a decorative wall or something else. But a lot of people don’t instantly think of a wall as somewhere to store their riding lawn mowers.

In fact, this is one of the best spots as it means you don’t need to throw up an entire new shed. What you can do, however, is purchase a storage box or one of the plastic covers we talked about earlier and install that against the wall.

It’s a great space saving idea and offers a good amount of protection to prolong the life of your lawn mower. If you’re worried about the box being an eyesore, don’t worry; they come in all colors or you can even paint your own to make it blend right in!

Storing Underneath A Shelf

riding lawn mower Storing Underneath A Shelf​

If you have a garage with storage shelves then the space underneath these shelves will be largely unused. But this is a great spot to place your riding lawn mower without it getting in the way of the rest of your storage room.

Keeping the riding lawn mower in a garage or outbuilding is definitely the best way to protect it as it keeps it out of the wind, rain, and sun. The more you can avoid the elements getting to your riding lawn mower, the longer it will last.

Underneath A Table

There are some great options for covering your lawn mower but what about using things that you already have lying around? A lot of us will have an old wooden table that we don’t use anymore. Go look in the basement, we’ll bet you find something!

Instead of leaving the table to rot away in a dark space, why not put it to good use and turn it into a riding lawn mower cover?

The great thing about this is that large tables provide enough shelter that you won’t need to do anything else. What’s more, if you’re keeping the table outside then it can also be painted so it’s a little more aesthetically pleasing

Is It OK To Leave A Riding Lawn Mower Outside?

Riding lawn mowers are robust pieces of equipment that can withstand a lot. While it is possible to leave the riding mower outdoors, it’s not really the best idea. The more these tools are exposed to the elements, the shorter their life will be.

And even if you are going to leave your riding lawn mower outside, we wouldn’t suggest doing it without any protection at all. If possible, the lawn mower should be raised off the ground so that moisture does not accumulate underneath it. Wrapping it in a heavy duty tarp or cover is the minimal amount of protection we would suggest.

Final Thoughts

Your riding lawn mower likely cost you a lot of money so the last thing you want to do is put it outside where it’ll get battered by the weather. But since these are large tools, it can often be difficult to find somewhere to store them, but all is not lost.

From building a new shed to installing a lawn mower cover, there are so many ways you can protect your riding mower. It’s even possible to use things you already have in your garden like an old table or a raised deck. Just get creative and you’ll soon have your riding mower covered and protected.

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