stamped deck vs fabricated deck for mowers

Stamped Deck vs Fabricated Deck For Mowers: Which Is Better?

Have you ever noticed, when shopping for a lawn mower, that there is a choice between a stamped vs fabricated back? While this is a common thing to think about when buying a lawn mower, a lot of people aren’t really sure what it means; so what is a stamped lawn mower deck and what is a fabricated lawn mower deck?

Fabricated lawn mower decks are a lot more heavy duty and robust so are usually used for commercial lawn mowers. On the other hand, a stamped lawn mower deck is lightweight and more affordable so is normally favored on residential lawn mowers.

There are, of course, pros and cons to each type of lawn mower deck. So, before you make a final choice on which is right for you, it’s worth mulling over your options and comparing the fab deck vs stamped.

The lawn mower deck is the widest part of your lawn mower and it is where the blades are housed. Not only does it cover the blades but it also prevents clippings and other debris from flying all over the place when you are mowing.

When you buy a lawnmower, you will notice that the cutting deck comes with a measurement. This tells you how much lawn the mower will cover in one pass; the bigger the lawn, the larger cutting deck you’ll need so that it doesn’t take an age and a day to get the job done.

Underneath the deck, there will be either a single blade or three blades. But you also need to consider how the deck was made as this tells you a lot about its quality.

What Is A Stamped Mowing Deck?

The first type of mower deck is the stamped lawn mower deck which is made using a single sheet of steel. These steel sheets are pretty sizey and are then cut and molded to create the final shape of the deck. The benefit of this is that the whole thing can be made with fewer parts and the results are seamless.

However, you have to keep in mind that stamped decks are normally made with thinner materials than their fabricated counterparts. This is purely because this manufacturing method is a lot easier when using thinner steel.

stamped mower deck

This thinness does mean that a stamped lawn mower deck is usually a lot more lightweight and this can also improve the airflow as well as being gentler on the grass during mowing. These decks offer great flexibility and are often used on domestic lawn mowers. Moreover, they’re super affordable.

With all that in mind, you have to remember that the thin steel does mean that a lawn mower with a stamped deck is never going to have the same durability as a fabricated deck but for general household use, they’re normally more than strong enough.

What Is A Fabricated Mowing Deck?

When it comes to a fabricated lawn mower deck, the manufacturing process is vastly different. These lawn mower decks are made using high quality, heavy steel plates. These steel plates are fabricated as opposed to being molded and cut like the stamped version. The main benefit of this method is that the lawn mower deck is a lot more robust and heavier.

These characteristics mean that the fabricated lawn mower deck is generally a lot better suited to commercial use. They’re able to withstand many more challenging conditions and can be used for extended periods without wearing.

Of course, it goes without saying that, because of this improved durability, the cost of a fabricated lawn mower deck is a lot greater.

fabricated mower deck

What Is The Difference Between Stamped And Fabricated Decks?

The main difference between a fab deck vs stamped is the way in which they are manufactured. The result of this is two different types of mower decks that are suited to different applications.

Stamped lawn mower decks are much better for light, everyday use around the domestic garden whereas a fabricated lawn mower deck is far superior for commercial use.

Many people wonder, are fabricated mower decks better? But the truth is that there are pros and cons to both types. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of lawn mower deck.

Type of mower Pros Cons
  • Gentle on the lawn
  • Lightweight
  • More affordable
  • Improved airflow
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Made from thinner materials
  • Less durable
  • Much more durable and robust
  • Made from thicker materials
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Rugged design
  • Not as affordable

How Do I Know If My Mower Deck Is Stamped?

If you want to know whether you have a fabricated or stamped lawn mower deck then there are a few ways you can find this out.

For starters, the type of manufacturing method used to create your lawn mower deck will be detailed in the user manual so this is often the best place to start.

However, you can also look at the deck itself as stamped decks will be markedly thinner than a fabricated one. Moreover, a fabricated deck won’t be seamless so you will be able to see connections where the parts have been bolted or welded together.

It is also possible to take an educated guess as to whether your lawn mower deck is fabricated or stamped just by considering the type of mower it is. For example, if you are looking at a domestic lawn mower designed for lightweight use then the chances are that it has a stamped deck. However, there are some lower quality commercial products that have a stamped deck so this isn’t a surefire way to tell.

How Long Should A Mower Deck Last?

There is no reason that your lawn mower deck shouldn’t last indefinitely as long as you are taking good care of it. We’ve pressed the importance of good lawn mower maintenance time and time again and your mower deck is just as deserving of this as any of the moving parts.

If you have a stamped deck then you will need to be more careful as these can be damaged a lot more easily. For example, if you hit an obstacle, the deck might easily bend so you’ll need to make sure you put it back into shape.

Other ways to prolong the life of your lawn mower deck are to make sure that you clear any debris after each use and make sure to keep the mower deck dry and clean when it’s in storage. Never leave it outside when not in use as moisture can and will cause corrosion. Doing these things will ensure that you have a lawn mower deck that is truly able to stand the test of time.

How Thick Should A Mower Deck Be?

When it comes to choosing the right lawn mower deck, one of the things that a lot of people want to know is how thick the deck should be.

This is going to vary between models but on average, stamped lawn mower decks are usually made from seven or ten gauge steel. There are examples of this with well known brands such as mowers from John Deere who use seven gauge steel for many of their commercial lawn mower decks.

When it comes to buying a residential lawn mower, you will find that the material is typically a lot thinner and less durable. You’ll probably consider other features of the lawn mower over the thickness of the deck but it doesn’t hurt to look for this information. But for most applications seven or ten gauge steel will be more than sufficient. However, if you’re choosing a model for rural or commercial applications, you’ll want to go for something thicker.

how thick should a mower deck

Is A Fabricated Deck Worth The Money?

There is no denying that buying a lawn mower with a fabricated deck is going to cost a lot more money. What you really need to ask yourself is whether or not it is worth the investment because in a lot of cases, you won’t really need a fabricated lawn mower deck.

It is generally accepted that lawn mowers with fabricated decks are typically better for things like farming, fields and other types of rough terrain. But even in these cases, it doesn’t automatically make them the better choice.

Yes, fabricated lawn mowers are a lot more robust and durable and will excel when faced with challenging conditions. This is because they are designed for this purpose. What’s more, they’re designed to be used for longer periods of time and more often whereas a stamped residential deck is only going to be used perhaps once a week.

Another thing you have to consider is that a fabricated lawn mower deck is going to cost you more money. So if you aren’t looking to break the bank, then it probably isn’t the best option. In fact, if you just want a standard lawn mower for your backyard, you’ll probably be going overboard if you choose a fabricated lawn mower deck.

They are worth the money if you need something rugged and up for a challenge. Using a stamped mower deck in these kinds of situations isn’t ideal so it’s well worth investing in something as durable as a fabricated deck. It’s all about your situation, the conditions you will be mowing in and how durable a mower you need as to whether a fabricated lawn mower deck would be worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a lawn mower, it would seem that there are a ridiculous number of things to consider. Cutting heights, mowing functions, deck width, handle type and a whole host of other things. Now, we’re telling you that the way in which the mower deck was manufactured is also worth thinking about.

If you’ve wondered; what’s better a stamped vs fabricated mower deck then the truth is that they’re both great, it just depends on how you plan to use the mower.

Generally speaking, lightweight and thin stamped mower decks are better for domestic mowers whereas a heavy, rugged fabricated deck works better on commercial machines.

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