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The 4 Best Places to Buy Trees & Plants Online

You might have noticed by now that a lot of people have gotten interested in gardening over the last couple of years. Emily Baron Cadloff discussed the plant buying trend and found that “two-thirds of nurseries in the U.S. increased their sale of houseplants by 15 percent in 2020”. You may have even taken a trip to your local nursery and discovered that they were running out of plants and trees.

Gardening is more popular than ever and the industry is shifting to the internet, just like the rest of the world. You can now buy plants and trees from a number of different online vendors. But with so many options available, it can be hard to know which online sources you can trust.

We have considered the mission statements, product offerings, return policies, and customer reviews for some of the largest online vendors to help you find the one that is right for you. is the first vendor on this list and they have been in the gardening business for over fifteen years. They are based out of Fort Mill, South Carolina. They have over two thousand different types of trees, plants, and shrubbery. is careful to only provide their customers with the best quality plants that are available. They carefully consider climate, location, and the specific needs of each individual customer.

Their dedication to customer service and quality gardening products has made them one of the largest online nurseries in the world.

One of the reasons that stands out from other nurseries is that they provide you with a deluge of information about each and every plant that they offer on their website. They give you all of the important and relevant information that you need such as growing zone, growth rate, and plant care information.

However, also goes above and beyond with the information that they give, because they also provide you with a narrative story about each plant that they sell.
If you are unsure about what growing zone you live in, will help you out. You simply go to the top of the website and enter your zip code, and they will tell you what growing zone you live in. has a convenient and easy to use customer interface on their website. Any plant that you order online is shipped to your house in just a day or two. This saves you a lot of time waiting in line at the store or in your car outside the store.

Another reason that stands out is because each plant that they sell already has a well-developed root system. These plants are then shipped to your location in nutrient rich soil that ensures that the plant arrives healthy and in good condition.

Yet another reason that stands out from their competition is because of their “Thirty Day Alive and Thrive Guarantee.” This is their assurance to you that your plants will arrive at your home “happy and healthy.” is proud of their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating which is A+. They are also proud of their excellent customer service reviews on Google, which average out to about 4.6 out of 5 stars.


If you are looking for a family owned company with a great story, then PlantingTree just might be the company that you are looking for. Every single order they process is hand-selected and they only choose the best and largest plants that will thrive in your area.

Unlike some companies, the trees that PlantingTree sends you have fully developed root systems. Some online nurseries will simply send you single sticks that you have to take more care of to help establish it in its soil.

When you buy your plants and trees from PlantingTree, you already know that your plant will thrive, because it already has an established root system.


After the team carefully selects each tree in your order, the plants are packaged in a special box that has been uniquely designed to ship plants. The plant is secured in the box, then it is shipped directly to your home.

The bottom line is that when you buy your trees from PlantingTree, the only work that you will have to do involves opening the box, planting the tree, and keeping the tree watered.

PlantingTree is proud of the excellent customer service reviews that they have on TrustPilot. Almost one thousand people have given their positive review of PlantingTree. PlantingTree has an eighty three percent approval rating and almost all of these people find PlantingTree’s service to be excellent.

Nature Hills Nursery proclaims to be the largest online nursery in America. They were founded in 2001 and based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Originally they were just a small business supporting a small region, providing their community with a nursery for conifer and deciduous trees.

They quickly realized the importance of the internet however and their business has been booming ever since. Gardening has grown increasingly popular over the years and Nature Hills Nursery has evolved to meet America’s gardening needs.

In addition to shrubs and perennials, they also offer rose bushes, flower bulbs, seeds, and more. They use a software system called PlantSentry. This is a system that helps them stay aligned with local, state, and federal laws.

This helps them protect America’s ecology, and it ensures that their customers get the best quality plants and trees. This system allows them to track contagious plant diseases and growth of invasive species, both of which can destroy native plants.

Unfortunately, Nature Hills Nursery has a firm return policy that all sales are final.

The online customer service reviews for Nature Hills Nursery are fantastic. Out of almost ten thousand customer service reviews, over seven thousand five hundred of them are perfect five star reviews. They are extremely proud of their 4.8 star customer satisfaction rating. is a part of the network. They specialize in blooming plants, while also offers shrubs, plants, and trees. They ship their plants directly to your location from their nursery in Fort Mills, South Carolina. is careful about how they package and ship your plants. They make sure that they only ship healthy plants with well developed roots in healthy soil. They take extra care to safely package your plants so that they arrive in good condition for you to plant them.

They even put their money where their mouth is with their “30 Day Happy and Healthy Guarantee.” is extremely proud of the A+ rating that they have with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you are shopping on Amazon, you can purchase your plants through the Amazon store.

Their customer satisfaction approval ratings have a 4.8 star average rating.

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Other Places to Buy Trees

Many major hardware stores give you the option to buy plants on their websites. If you decide not to shop through one of the stores listed above, there are more options that you can consider. You should also look into Lowes’ online nursery, High Country Gardens, and the Wilcox Nursery.

Lowes’ Online Nursery

One other option is one of the most iconic lawn and garden stores ever.
In addition to hardware for construction and DIY projects, they also have a vast nursery in all of their stores. Many people do not know that all of these plants can be purchased online through Lowes’ website. You can even find extra plants online that are not normally available in stores.

lowes logo

You can find nearly any plant that you could want in the online Lowes nursery, but some of the most popular options are fig trees, fruit trees, flowers, and herbs. The also offer gardening necessities like water hoses, fertilizer, watering cans, seeds, and soil.

You can be assured of the quality of the plants that Lowes provides in its online nursery, because they team up in a partnership with Brighter Blooms and Miracle-Gro. This partnership helps them bring their customers the best quality plant possible.

The amount of time that it takes for you to receive your order from the online Lowes nursery varies depending on where exactly you are located. However, you can normally expect to receive your order from the online nursery in as little as a week.

Additionally, if you are close to a Lowes’ location, you can have your plants shipped directly to the store closest to you. You can then pick up the purchase in the store, or with Lowes’ curbside pickup option.

In the unlikely event that your plants arrive damaged and unhealthy, you can call their customer service support number. When you call the number they will ship a replacement plant to your door at no extra charge.

High Country Gardens

Another place where you can buy trees online is at the High Country Gardens website. High Country Gardens makes it easy to get started with environmentally friendly gardening. You will not have to struggle to figure out which plants are native to your area, and which plants will attract pests.

They make environmentally friendly gardening easy with their “Garden-in-a-Box” collections.

Wilcox Nursery

Wilcox Nursery is on a mission to help environmentally conscious southerners build their own sustainable gardens of native plants. Their products, mission statement, and customer support services are all coordinated to help people as much as they possibly can.

The best part of Wilcox Nursery is that their plants are selected to support local insect and pollinator populations. Wilcox Nursery offers plants that are specifically designed to help save the local bee populations.

Wilcox Nursery focuses on offering environmentally friendly plants, and this nursery is a particularly good resource to use for gardeners who are living in the American deep south. This is because they focus on plants that conserve the most water.

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How We Chose the Best Place to Buy Trees Online

This partial list of the best places to buy trees online was carefully compiled based on a number of different factors. One factor was an analysis of the company’s website and culture, including any mission statements they have and the selection of plants that they offer. These companies are customer-oriented and have enormous selections of plants for everyone.

Additionally, you want to take a look at the company’s return policies and the customer reviews that are available.

The best companies will usually stand by their work with a flexible return policy. Some companies, such as Nature Hills Nursery, do not offer any returns at all. They are still one of the best places to buy trees however, because of the superior quality and selection of plants.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is more popular than ever before. Gardening has become especially popular in America ever since the global pandemic started. The rise in the popularity of gardening has directly correlated to the rise in popularity of online gardening nurseries.

You have probably noticed that supplies are limited at your local plant nursery. You are probably considering turning to the internet in order to buy the plants that you need for spring. The 4 best places to buy trees and plants online includes, Planting Tree, Nature Hills Nursery, and

In addition to these four major online plant nursery providers, there are other vendors that you can choose from. Lowes’ has an excellent selection in their online nursery. Other quality online plant nurseries that you can choose from include Wilcox Nursery and High Country Gardens.

There are several factors that went into assembling this list of the best places to buy trees and plants online. Some of these factors that were taken into account include company mission statements, product offerings, and return policies.

The most important research aspect that went into compiling this list of the best places to buy trees and plants online was customer reviews. All of the companies on this list have outstanding customer service satisfaction ratings and most of them have A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If you are interested in taking up gardening and want to get started by buying trees and plants online, these online plant nurseries are the best place to get started.

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