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Where To Buy Used Weed Eaters Near Me?


Is your weed eater on its last leg? Maybe you feel like you just bought that weed eater, and you can’t shell out the cash to buy a brand new one. 

In this instance, buying a used weed eater is a convenient and viable option—and more times than not, you can land one at a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new model. Luckily there’s no shortage of used weed eaters on sale. 

Hop online and visit your favorite online retailer site and perform a search for “used weed eaters for sale near me” to find a replacement.

amazon where to buy used weed eaters near me An excellent place to begin your search for used weed eaters for sale would be to start with the world’s largest online marketplace: Amazon

Amazon is the perfect place to have your specific needs met, thanks to the bevy of vendors on the site who all have different name brands and equipment to suit your preferences. 

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a straight shaft or a curved shaft weed eater, Amazon has detailed information on every make and model they offer.

You can limit your search for “used weed eaters for sale near me” and easily change the country or zip code to get faster shipping times.

Getting a hold of a weed eater is quite simple when using Amazon’s interface.  

Furthermore, the quality of the vendor’s products will be rated near the price of the product. 

This allows you to make an informed decision on which weed eater is most likely to be in great condition, based on the vendor’s reputation. Getting used weed eaters on Amazon is easy as pie.

ebay where to buy used weed eaters near me They’re plenty of used weed eaters on eBay, one of the best online shopping sites in the world. One feature of the popular site which distinguishes it from its competitors is its option to bid on a product by selecting “Auction.” 

These auctions make for an intriguing possibility. Due to the nature of bidding on a product, it is quite possible to get a cheap weed eater.

For example, if only a few people bid on a particular item, then it is very likely that you can get an already inexpensive item for even cheaper.

However, if you want to buy your used eater the traditional way, this is possible too. 

Finally, with eBay, you don’t have to search “used weed eaters near me” because you can simply enter your zip code in the designated place for products available locally.

craigslist where to buy used weed eaters Even though Craigslist operates a little differently than the previous two online market giants, there’s no shortage of used weed eaters on Craigslist.   

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website. Unlike the previous online shopping sites, Craigslist operates exclusively in your local area. For example, you will search your city and state, and vendors near you will be at your disposal.

Your next step would be to choose the weed eater, which is best for you. Then you’ll look for the vendor’s contact information listed in the ad and make arrangements to purchase and pick up your used weed eater.

offerup where to buy used weed eaters Similar to Craigslist, OfferUp is an online mobile-first market place with an emphasis on in-person transactions. OfferUp utilizes user-friendly apps and displays user profiles with ratings.

OfferUp boasts an interface defined by convenience; for buyers who are browsing the site, the products are featured based on the geo-location closest to the buyer. This helps to facilitate the desired face-to-face user interactions, which is encouraged by the company.

Additionally, products such as refurbished weed eaters can be filtered by category, price, and even distance to maximize the potential for convenience.

For buyers, products are featured based on the geo-location closest to the buyer to encourage face-to-face user interactions and encourage community-centric relationships. Still, they can also be filtered by category, price, and distance.

OfferUp will bring a whole different level of convenience when it comes to the idea of grabbing a used weed whacker. 

facebook where to buy used weed eaters Facebook is another convenient online site. A new addition to the site, Facebook Marketplace, will open with photos of items that people have for sale near you. For example, if you were to search “used trimmers for sale,” you’ll see pictures of used trimmers on the screen available for purchase near you.

How do you get your hands on your desired piece of equipment? Well, with Facebook marketplace, it’s as simple as sending a message to the seller to iron out the details on when and where the transaction will be complete.

By simply searching, “weed eater near me,” you can find yourself with a perfectly functioning weed eater with the help of this social media site.

Rent Weed Eater

Maybe you can’t purchase a used gas weed eater due to available space in your home or the price.

Well, rest assured that mainstream franchises like Home Depot have rental centers available in their stores nationwide.

Home Depot offers competitive prices for all rental services and several different tool rental rate options for your convenience. With Home Depot, you don’t have to worry about finding used weed whackers for sale because you can just rent one for a low and reasonable price.

Local Dealer

Last but not least, it’s always feasible to take a trip to your local dealer to purchase used trimmers for sale or any other piece of equipment that you may need for your lawn. There are benefits to going inside of a shop to buy your weed eater.

Personally speaking, I was able to find a weed whacker near me by taking a 15-minute drive, and it was a great overall experience. 

You can lean on the expertise of the owner of the shop to make the best possible purchase. Moreover, oftentimes local shops will offer you a warranty to grant you peace of mind when you buy a used piece of equipment. Plus, you get to see it in person before you buy it, win-win!

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Weed Eater

Buying a used piece of equipment isn’t without its risks. As many well know, with anything pre-owned, there is a possibility that it can stop working within days of making the purchase. Therefore, we have outlined some factors that you absolutely need to consider to significantly reduce the chances of buying a lemon.

The Engine of the Weed Eater

Whether the engine on your weed eater is battery or gas-powered, you absolutely can’t afford to purchase a weed eater with a faulty motor. This is not to say that repair shops don’t offer the parts necessary to fix such an engine issue; however, you want to avoid this headache if you can stand to do so.

With that said, there are a few trusty lawn mower engine brands that have an outstanding reputation for durability. Brand names such as Briggs, Stratton, and Honda are all brand names that stand out in this regard.

Weed Eater Seller

If you elect to make an in-person transaction with the seller, it is essential to ensure that the equipment is serviceable. You go about vetting whether or not the weed eater is functioning by asking a few simple questions.

  • Are there service documents?
  • Were there any repairs?
  • Were there modifications?
  • Ask the seller the reason for selling the equipment.

Price of the Weed Eater

There are specific price ranges that you can expect to see, depending on the equipment’s age and condition. If the weed eater isn’t more than three years old and is in perfect shape, you can’t expect to pay about 65% of the actual retail price.

By the time the weed eater is four years old, it is past its prime, and you can expect to pay about 30-50% of the actual retail price.

If the lawn mower doesn’t cross its 3rd birthday and is perfect in shape, then the price range will be around 65% of the actual retail price.

Safety Features

Injuries are a real possibility when dealing with any type of lawn equipment. For this reason, it is imperative to ensure that all of the safety features are still intact on your used weed eater.

Firstly, make sure that all components on the weed eater are functioning properly. It’s possible that there can be unforeseen danger from the weed eater due to faulty parts.

Finally, be sure that the guard is intact and sturdy because this protects your face from flying debris. Last but not least, verify that the kill switches or safety switches are all functioning properly.

Final Verdict

Remember, if buying a new model isn’t something you’re interested in doing, a used string trimmer doesn’t have to be a hefty investment. You can purchase a used and affordable weed eater using any of the enumerated options above.

So don’t sit around while the condition of your lawn worsens, do yourself a favor and make one of the many cost-effective decisions outlined in this article.


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